Countdown to GOT Season 3 – #7

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#7 Margaery Tyrell – “No, I want to be THE Queen.”

Margaery & Joffrey

I swear, whenever I think of this scene in GOT Season 2, where Margarery Tyrell shares with Petyr Baelish her ambitions for becoming Queen, I still get the goosebumps! And now that King Joffrey has taken Margaery as his betrothed, we will finally get to see Margaery Tyrell in all her glory. So, my 7th most anticipated moment of GOT Season 3 is seeing how Margaery Tyrell handles herself now that she is in King’s Landing.

I enjoy Margaery Tyrell because I feel as if she is a breath of fresh air. The women of Westeros have all proven to be of the same mold – highborn ladies who are trained in the skills of femininity, then betrothed to a great Knight or King, and sent away from home against their wishes. They are then wed, bear children, and raise them from the safety of their new castles. Queen Cersei, Lady Stark, Lady Arryn, even Sansa Stark, proved to follow that path. Arya Stark broke the mold a bit, but her story was greatly altered after her father was executed. For Arya, the game is survival. But for Margaery, the game is, and always has been, ambition. Margaery is after one thing and one thing only – becoming the Queen of Westeros – and she won’t let anything stand in her way. I think she proved that when she knowingly wed her brother’s lover, Renly. Margaery sort of reminds me of Dany in this sense, but Dany was ripped from Westeros and she has the Blood of the Dragon, so the conqueror within her is more expected. Margaery Tyrell, however, is more like the men of Westeros. She has aspirtations for power and she will marry whomever, and do [whomever] whatever, to get what she wants.

Perhaps what I am more interested in seeing is the dynamic between Jack Gleeson’s King Joffrey and Natalie Dormer’s Margaery. I am a fan of both of these actors. Both Jack and Natalie have proven to be SO good at being bad. Being a fan of The Tudors, when I saw her on screen for the first time in GOT, I literally jumped for joy. Now I am curious to see the chemistry between them and the evolution of their relationship. Fans of the show are already aware of Joffrey’s demented behavior, and his apparent lack of interest in women. But, fair Margaery has only heard stories of Joffrey and may not realize exactly what she has gotten herself into it. Will she come to love Joffrey as her king and her husband, or will she regret her choice and try to escape?

One thing is for sure, Natalie Dormer is a phenomenal actress who fully embodies her characters and provides depth and intensity. She has burst into King’s Landing with ferocity and has caused quite a stir. With a more pivotal role in Season 3 (which hopefully translates into more screen time!), we can look forward to great acting and mouth-watering drama, it is known!

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One thought on “Countdown to GOT Season 3 – #7

  1. Natalie Dormer is fantastic! I am really excited to see how she comes between Cersei and the King. Or more importantly, how she comes between Cersei and all the power she wields. Margaery is a lot like Cersei, except that she is younger and much more likeable. In the season opener, she takes the time to visit with orphans and reach out to the people- not only impressing Joffrey (hateful little troll) but winning over the people’s affections. Cersei may be powerful now, but it is a power that comes from threats and fear. I suspect that Margaery is going to gain a huge power advantage over Cersei as the season goes one. You know what the say, you catch more flies with honey!

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