Bates Motel Week Two Review, Did you pick a nice town, Norma?

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As confident as I felt about last week’s episode, I find myself on the fence this week.

In episode 2, they halfway set up a few plot lines and I find myself with more questions than answers.  In discussing this with a friend, he quickly reminded me that Bates Motel is created by the same people as Lost.  Perhaps that is where I’m having problems.


This week we meet Norma’s other son, Dylan, played by Max Thieriot.  Overall, Dylan’s character will be a nice addition to the story.  He’s there to disrupt Norma and Norman’s happy little bubble and provide just enough conflict to show Norman’s descent into darkness.  Also, Thieroit’s on-screen charm provides comedic relief to the dark and twisted plot.

While watching, I found myself not caring about Emma and Norman.  Last week, Norman found a bondage picture book and has become somewhat obsessed with the photos.  This week, Emma found it while they were studying together in his room.  She was not at all bothered by the content of the book and asked to borrow it.  It’s later revealed that she believes the picture book is the story of four girls from China who were forced to be sex slaves. According to the book, one of them died and is buried nearby, so off they go to find the grave in the woods.  In the process, they stumble upon a pot farm and are quickly chased out of the woods by its owners.  On the way out, they discover a shed that was depicted in the book.  I’m sure this connects to the girl and the syringe from last week, but I’m having a hard time understanding what this has to do with the rest of the plot.

Again, the most interesting part of the show is the relationship between Norma and Norman.  When Emma arrives to study with Norman, you see a flare of jealousy in Norma that there might be another woman in Norman’s life.  When Norma is preparing for her date with Deputy Shelby, you see jealousy in Norman.  He’s obviously on-edge and insists on going with his mother.  In the same scene, Norma changes clothes in front of Norman as he watches, making himself and the viewer uncomfortable.

Favorite scene – Norma and Norman thoroughly (and hilariously) swiffer’ing the kitchen to hide their crime.  Quite an interesting product placement when you think about it.

Things to Consider in the Shower

  • Is Dylan responsible for the burnings?
  • Who is going to be Norman’s first kill:  Dylan, Norma, Emma, or Bradley?
  • Is Norman supposed to learn taxidermy from Emma’s dad?
  • Still, what time period is this all taking place?

What questions do you have from this week’s episode?  Are you tuning in for episode three?

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