Countdown to GOT Season 3 – #5


#5 Arya Stark – “I need to find my brother and mother. And my sister. I need to find her too.”

Arya Stark

WE ARE HALFWAY THERE and I can hardly contain my excitement!

Okay, back to reality. Bringing us to the halfway point is Arya Stark at #5. Many of you may recall that this quote came from Arya in GOT 2×10 after the shocking reveal that Jaqen is a “Faceless Man” from the free city, Braavos. Arya used her final death wish to force Jaqen to assist her and her friends in escaping Harrenhal. The attempt was almost perfect, until Jaqen tracked them down. In their encounter, he gave Arya a coin and asked her to say “Valar Morghulis” twice. (Remember, its the title of the episode!) Something tells me that this coin and phrase are going to be very important as the series progresses. But, Arya made clear that she is on a mission to find her family. So my #5 most anticipated moment of GOT Season 3 is finding out the path that Arya chooses. Will she do the honorable thing and find her family, or will she choose to seek revenge against her list?

Arya Stark is one of my favorite characters on this television show. She is witty, intelligent, resourceful, and unique. But, Arya’s youthful innocence that we came to love in Season 1 disappeared after she witnessed her father’s execution. Arya now is after one thing and one thing only – revenge. She wants to kill the people who killed her father, and she has proven she will stop at nothing to accomplish that. I think it’s clear that Arya doesn’t possess the same honor which cost her father his life. But in the Game of Thrones, does honor ever keep you alive?

I have to take a second and give some serious love to Maisie Williams. She has had the unique advantage of working with a large portion of the cast. And, despite her young age, she steals every scene that she shoots. In my personal favorite Arya Stark scene, she details the legendary dragon attack on Westeros from Aegon I and his two sisters. I think that scene showed us the future Arya wishes for – the chance to become a great warrior and avenge those she loves.

So what will happen to Arya this season? Will she rejoin the King in the North? Will something prevent her from finding her way? Will she figure out with whom she is traveling? Or, will Arya use the coin left to her by Jaqen to leave behind Westeros and cross the Narrow Sea?

There is one thing we do know. Arya Stark is still very much alive, and she is accompanied by the only living son of Robert Baratheon. With these players left in the game, we can count on adventure and mayhem around every turn!

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