Countdown to GOT Season 3 – #4

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#4 Robb Stark – “And Theon, I want him brought to me alive. I want to look him in the eye and ask him “Why?” and then I will take his head myself.”

Robb Stark

Our 4th quote comes from the King in the North, Robb Stark. Our gorgeous Stark had quite an adventurous Season 2. He was betrayed twice – once by his best friend and and once by his mother. He was in battle, separated from his sisters, and “lost” both of his brothers. His only saving grace was a young nurse that he met on the battlefield, but poor Robb was already betrothed to a woman he never even met. But the Young Wolf still didn’t lose a battle, and gathered a very large army to support his cause. Despite all of Robb’s drama, my 4th most anticipated moment of GOT Season 3 is seeing if the confrontation between Robb and Theon comes to fruition.

The fate of Theon is still very much up in the air. What we know is that the Iron Island soldiers knocked Theon out and turned him over to the Northman outside. We also know that Winterfell went up in the flames. Who lit the torch? If it was the Northerners, was that an act of rebellion? I can’t wait to find out! I am also terrified for Robb. In GOT 2×10, we saw Robb marry Talisa. Catlyn insisted that the wedding was a mistake and that Robb had sworn an oath to Walder Frey. But, it seems that this Stark also lacks his father’s honor. Remember, Catlyn also warned Robb about Theon, but Robb dismissed her fears each time. Will ignoring this warning end up costing Robb?

I must say, I truly hope not. I love this character. Richard Madden is a delight to watch. Not only is he absolutely gorgeous, but he’s a fine actor. I have enjoyed watching Robb transform into the King in the North. Madden did a wonderful job depicting a young boy on the threshold of manhood, who is faced with an impossible scenario and forced into taking on immense responsibility. But Robb Stark’s transition to Lord of Winterfell was seamless and he confronted war fearlessly. Even Tywin Lannister fears the King in the North, which is a good sign for King Stark.

Questions to consider while you watch re-runs of GOT:

1. Will Robb ever take the head of Theon Greyjoy?
2. What will happen when the Frey’s learn of Robb’s betrayal?
3. What is left of Winterfell after the fire? For that matter, who lit the fire?!
4. Will Robb ever find out that Theon didn’t actually murder Bran and Rickon?
5. Will Tywin Lannister and Robb Stark ever come face to face?

If I could choose any one of the kings involved in this war to take the Iron Throne, it would be the King in the North. He is a strong leader and a good soldier with a kind heart. I can’t wait for more King Robb this season.

Oh, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him get horizontal again either! ;D

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