Countdown to GOT Season 3 – #3

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#3 Jon Snow – “I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realm of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.”

Jon Snow

For our third quote as we near the end of our countdown, I reached back into GOT 1×10. This quote comes from Jon Snow as he pledges his life to the Night’s Watch. But it seems the most appropriate considering where Jon Snow is headed. We last saw Jon Snow after he murdered his fellow brother, Qhorin Halfhand. Jon did this so he could convince the Wildings that he was one of them, so he could infiltrate their ranks and kill Mance Raydar. Or, did he? My third most anticipated moment of GOT Season 3 is finding out if Jon snow is an honorable man. Will he fulfill his task of assassinating the King Beyond the Wall or will he join the Wildings and fall for Ygritte, the beautiful red-headed wilding, and break his oath to the Night’s Watch?

I hope that it’s not the latter. I hope that Jon is an honorable Stark, unlike Robb and Arya, and that fulfills his duty to the Wall. We all know that the Wall is desperately in need of Jon and Ghost’s assistance. Who can forget the jaw-dropping final scene of the Season 2 finale? How will Sam make it out alive?! I can’t wait to find out.

I have to take a second and tell you that Kit Harrington is my GOT eye candy. And, not only is he gorgeous, but he’s a great actor. Jon has so many layers and Kit Harrington does a wonderful job of bringing that to light. Jon is vulnerable yet undoubtedly strong. At times, he seems terrified yet fearless all at the same time. I also really love his relationship with his direwolf and I wish they would focus a bit more on it.

So, will Jon kill the King Beyond the Wall and come to the aid of his brothers? Or, will Jon break his vow and succumb to the sweet seductions of Ygritte? Thanks to the Old Gods and the New, we only have to wait two more days to find out!

And, in case you can’t wait to see Jon until then, here’s a little weekend treat.

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One thought on “Countdown to GOT Season 3 – #3

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