Date Night/Movie Night Recommendations

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Headed to the movie theaters tonight but can’t figure out what to see? Don’t stress! Rock Paper Watch has you covered. We break down the top box office choices for you below!

1. Jurassic Park 3D

That’s right, people. The Steven Spielberg classic from 1993 has been re-released in theaters, but this time in magnificent 3D. This promises to be one hell of a good time. For those of you who don’t know the story, here’s a little recap. Dinosaur DNA was discovered inside of a fly encased in amber that solidified as a fossil which preserved the DNA. John Hammond, millionaire and entrepreneur, decides to use the DNA to create replicas of dinosaurs. He invites two dinosaur experts to Jurassic Park, the new amusement park he built which will be the home to the dinosaurs, which is on an island off the coast of Costa Rica. The humans quickly realize that the dinosaurs aren’t just replicas. They are smart, meat-eating machines, and they are rapidly evolving. The doctors’ visit to Jurassic Park quickly turns into a race to survive! This is a great movie for a date, a night out with friends, or a family adventure!

2. Evil Dead

Warning: Brave Movie-Watchers Only

The Deadites return in this revamp of the Evil Dead franchise from newcomer director, Fede Alvarez. The action centers on a group of friends who head out to an isolated cabin in order to clean up their drug-addicted friend. They accidentally uncover the Book of Deads which leads them to wake evil demons that live in the neighboring woods. The evil presence begins to possess them until only one is left fighting for their life! Rumor has it that Fede Alvarez tried to make the scariest movie of all time so if you aren’t up for covering your eyes through the entire show, this might not be for you!

3. G.I. Joe: Retaliation

The G.I. Joe’s are back in this action-packed sequel. This time around, the G.I. Joe’s aren’t only fighting their archenemy Cobra, but they are also contending with threats from within their own government. This movie has had great success both in America and internationally and the effects look insane. (We see the entire city of London blow up!) So, not only in this movie a great pick for the gentlemen out there, but ladies will also enjoy it! There is great eye candy since two of the stars are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the World’s Sexiest Man, Channing Tatum. This movie promises to have a little something for everyone!

4. The Croods

Dreamsworks animation looks to delight family audiences around the world with this fun prehistoric comedy. Meet the Croods, the world’s first family. The Croods lose the cave that has kept them safe forever. They must then trek across a beautiful but unknown landscape where they discover a whole new world. Through their adventures, they meet new creatures, discover new things, and ultimately change their entire outlook on life forever! This movie looks to be a hit for kids of all ages, and their parents, too!

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Born and raised in Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania graduate student, West Chester University alumnus, works in Penn's Development & Alumni Relations, lover of television, movies, fantasty football, and the Phillies.

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