Breaking Bad: The Rougher Years

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BB Rougher Years

Everyone’s favorite high school-student-turned-meth-scientist Instagrammed this hilarious photo earlier today with the tag line “News Alert: Breaking Bad – The Rougher Years begins Christmas 2014.” I can’t decide what my favorite part of the photo is – Walt’s hat or Jesse’s “bitch” tattoo. But I digress.

Fans of the AMC hit, Breaking Bad, shouldn’t get too excited. There has been no word of an extension to the series, a spin-off, or a movie. In fact, the final 8 episodes of the Emmy-winning show will air this summer. Executives of the show made a [questionable] decision to air the final season in two parts – eight episodes in 2012 and eight in 2013. And, as many of you can probably recall, the first half of the season ended with quite a bang – Hank discovered that his dear friend and brother-in-law, Walter White, is the true Heisenberg and the baddest meth-dealer in all of New Mexico. What will happen to Walt and Jesse now that the truth is out? Will there be any way to escape the DEA now? Or, more importantly, save his innocent family? Only time will tell!

The final episodes of Season 5 begin on August 11, 2013. But don’t worry. Rock Paper Watch will be covering the premiere and the final season quite extensively so be sure to check back soon! We can’t wait to see the end of Breaking Bad and we know that it’s going to be an epic series finale. It’s just science, bitch!

UPDATE: A follow-up article to this post was published on RPW on October 1, 2013. To view it, click here.

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