Where in the Seven Kingdoms is Theon?! – Our Theory


For anyone who watched Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode, “Dark Wings, Dark Words” [recapped here], you know the big question that everyone was left wondering – Where in the heck is Theon Greyjoy?! We know that he’s being held captive by an unknown person in an unknown place and is being tortured for unknown reasons (lots of unknowns here!). Through some careful observation, and carefully placed hints by the Game of Throne writers, we think we may have figured it out!!


Look familiar?! It should! It was shown at least two times in the latest episode. Now, flip the image upside down, and what do you see?

A spitting image of the contraption on which Theon is being held captive and tortured! See what I mean?!


So what exactly is this image? It is the Flayed Man of House Bolton, the sigil of Roose Bolton and his family. As you may recall, Roose Bolton is a Bannerman of King Robb and is currently holding the garrison at Harrenhal. His bastard son was sent to Winterfell to collect Theon and recapture the castle. In “Dark Wings, Dark Words”, Robb receives words that the Bastard of Bolton was too late and Theon had escaped. Or did he?

Like I mentioned, viewers saw this image at least two times during GOT 3×2. The first time we saw it, the Stark Bannermen from House Bolton are seen flying their sigil as they march on horseback toward Riverrun with their King. The second time we see the sigil, men flying it arrive on the bridge where Jaime and Brienne are battling. “The Flayed Man of House Bolton”, comments Jaime as the Northmen arrive, clueing the audience in as to who these men were.

Something tells me that this is no coincidence. I think there is a strong possibility that Theon is being held by Boltons’ bastard and that the Bolton’s are hiding the truth from King Robb. But why would the King’s bannermen do that? Is the bastard acting out on his own, or is his father aware of what’s going on? And, if I’m right, what does that mean for the future of the cause? And, more importantly, who actually burnt down Winterfell? I literally can’t wait to find out!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

Author: jennyo422

Born and raised in Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania graduate student, West Chester University alumnus, works in Penn's Development & Alumni Relations, lover of television, movies, fantasty football, and the Phillies.

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