The Hangover III Complete Trailer

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What We Noticed in the Trailer

  1. Mr. Garner is dead and Alan has been off his meds for 6 months.  So he was on medication for the first two moves?
  2. Let the Phil/Alan bromance continue
  3. Yes! John Goodman
  4. Poor Doug, he never gets to join the fun
  5. Chow = Ciao
  6. No missing teeth or tattoos yet for Stu in the trailer
  7. I hope Alan instragramms the photo of Phil
  8. God, the giraffe.
  9. “We can’t be friends anymore, when we get together bad things happen and people get hurt”…”Yea, that’s the point, its funny”
  10. Melissa McCarthy and Zach Galifianakis are a match made in comedic heaven.

The Hangover trilogy concludes May 24.  The end.

Author: elizbond

Creative Project Manager at the CFPB, Appalachian State alumni, Emerson College IMC graduate. Lover of movies, television, junk food, her dog Dexter, James Dean, and all things southern. North Carolina native, DC resident.

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