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Happy Sunday Funday!  As three post college grads, we are constantly trying to find ways of entertaining ourselves on a budget…which led us to three pretty serious Netflix addictions. Netflix never fails to feed our addiction for finding movies we’ve never heard of, or filling our need to binge watch shows we missed or just want to relive.

Each week, RPW will be posting about their Netflix finds. We hope you enjoy!

This week’s recommendation: Dual Survival


Dual Survival is a reality TV series that airs on the Discovery Channel. The premise of the show is that two survival experts from completely different backgrounds – one a military expert, one a naturalist – get placed in dangerous survival scenarios and have to use their knowledge and the environment around them to survive. And to keep things interesting, the naturalist host, Cody Lundin, hasn’t worn shoes in 23 years. Yeah, that’s right – NO SHOES in 23 YEARS! You can view all of Season 1 on Netflix.

Reasons to Watch:

1. The dynamic between the hosts is hilarious.

    No one is more mystified by Cody’s desire to not wear any shoes than Dave Canterbury. While stress is running high, so is the name calling and nitpicking. Sometimes, the two hosts downright disagree and it’s hilarious.

2. You learn a lot about survival in the outdoors.

    From watching reruns of this season, I have learned how to start a fire with limited materials, how to judge the cardinal directions based on the sun and direction the foliage points, how to pick the best spots for shelter, how to sterilize water, etc. While I can admit to mostly watching this show for entertainment, the added bonus of learning survival tips that may potentially save my life one day is a big plus.

3. You see some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

    Season 1 survival scenarios take place in Nova Scotia, New Zealand, Peru, Laos, Brazil, and various places in the U.S. like the Louisiana Bayou and the Washington Peninsula. And Cody Lundin doesn’t wear shoes in any of them.

Drama On Set:
The only Season available on Netflix right now is Season 1. But by Season 3 (which just finished airing on Discovery this past March) the show had a new host. Cody Lundin is still marching across the world barefoot, but he is now accompanied by Joe Teti, not Dave Canterbury. After doing a little digging, RPW learned that Dave Canterbury was actually fired from Dual Survival after Season 2. Apparently, Canterbury exaggerated his survival experience and lied on his resume about his military experience. According to Cody, dishonesty is a big violation, and calls for grounds for termination.

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Born and raised in Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania graduate student, West Chester University alumnus, works in Penn's Development & Alumni Relations, lover of television, movies, fantasty football, and the Phillies.

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