Garden State Follow Up in the Works!

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Coming off the recent success of the Veronica Mar’s Kickstarter project, which fans have contributed over 5.7 Million dollars for, Zach Braff is on a mission of his own: A follow up to one of RPW’s all time favorite movies “Garden State,” titled “Wish I was Here.” Co-written with his brother, the movie centers around a family man who spends the majority of his days fantasizing about being his childhood hero Space-Knight.

Braff is asking for $2 Million to get the ball rolling on the film, so the ultimate question is, are you a Garden State junkie like we are? More importantly, are you such a die hard fan you’d be willing to donate money out of your pocket for 90 minutes of pure cinematic bliss?

Lastly, you have balls written on your forehead.

Author: anfoster117

Ashley is a Western North Carolina native who resides in Charlotte, NC. She graduated in 2010 with BFA in Graphic Design from Appalachian State University. Currently, she works as an Art Director for an advertising company and is a freelance designer in her downtime. Ashley loves Hiking, Skiing, Traveling, Photography, Football, Music, Movies, and her dog Henry the 8th.

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