Sneak Peek – GOT 3×6 “The Climb”

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We are starting to race towards the end of Game of Thrones Season 3 and something tells me that these last few episodes will be like a sprint to the finish line.

GOT 3×5, “Kissed By Fire,” set up the final arches for the main characters and it’s Lannister wedding season in Westeros!  (Man, Cersei must be the WORST bridezilla.)  But with war on the horizon, the impending wedding of not one but three major characters, the threat of Wildings infultrating Castle Black, and a Targaryen heading West with a force that rivals the Uruk-Hai armies in Lord of the Rings, the final four episodes guarantee to be full of jaw-dropping, action-packed drama.  While you guys are now busy bracing your heads, hearts and tissues for the last four episodes, enjoy a sneak peek at Sunday’s epsidoe entitled “The Climb.”

“If you fall, don’t scream.”


New episodes of Game of Thrones air Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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