Game of Thrones Fashion Police


While everyone is busy worrying about who’s going to make it out alive of GOT Season 3, I’m focusing on the most important thing — the fashion.  There is nothing quite like Game of Thrones fashion.

From its beauty and splendor, to its filth and grittiness, the men and women of Westeros know how to rock the frock. We break down all the latest Westerosi fashion below:

1. Overcoat Showdown


No one knows how to rock the overcoat quite like Tyrion and his minions. But who does it better? Obviously, it’s the Imp. He has gold to back up his fashion designs and a tailor to create clothes custom fit to his body, and that makes ALL the difference.

2. Bitch Stole My Look


Brown, neutral tones = Check.  Faux fur = Check.  Belted tunic = Check.  The only thing about this outfit that Jojen didn’t steal is the weapons.  Come on, Jojen.  Meera clearly rocks this outfit way better than you do.  Plus, aren’t you supposed to be a boy?  Just checking…

3. Most Dapper King


I’d like to say this was a tough decision, but it wasn’t.  King Robb’s northern fashions aren’t the only thing he has going for him.  He’s also drop-dead-gorgeous.  Plus, there was no real competition.  Joffrey = King Brat,  Stannis = King of the Crazies, and Mance = King on the Side of the Wall that We Don’t Care About.  Our biggest request of the season = Let’s see King Robb with less clothes. Please and thank you!

4. Best Hair


You gotta give it to Sansa Stark.  She may be stupid, bad at lying, and overall frustrating to watch, but this girl rocks the most gorgeous hair.  Since she’s been “Kissed by Fire,” her hair is a beautiful shade of red.  But she also styles it in elaborate braided fashions that represent the cultures of different regions of the Seven Kingdoms.  Her hair choices are always something to look for in a new episode.

5. Best Dressed House


And the award goes to…House Tyrell.  The ladies of House Tyrell are my fashion gods of Westeros.  Lady Olenna’s frock is unique and different but also elegant and refined.  I especially love how she captures her House symbol, a rose, with a beautiful belt that fastens with a golden rose and then entwines around her with vines and thorns and roses.


Will Margaery every run out of cute and unique ways to represent the House symbol? She’s lucky that it’s something as beautiful as a rose.  Margaery’s dresses are always fresh, young, flirty, and fun.  King Joffrey can’t get enough; Queen Cersei hates it.  I just can’t wait to see how the rose is incorporated into Margaery’s wedding gown.

6. Worst Dressed House


This award has to go to House Baelish (if that’s even a real House).  We’re not quite sure if Petyr has realized yet that he’s a man.  At least, his clothes seem to give that “I’m not quite sure who or what I am” vibe.  The length of his overcoats are questionable at best.  Get with the program, Lord of Harrenhal.

And Ros, poor unfortunate Ros.  You’ve been given nothing but sheer get-up’s until this point and now they put you in this oversized, out of place gown.  Can we just look for a second at how much fabric is there?  Eeek.  I do appreciate the effort, and the colors are beautiful.  But it’s too big and it’s not you.  You need something more like Margaery.  Rock that body, girl.  Don’t cover it up.  I mean, we have all seen it.

7. Queen Fashion Face Off



Not only are these two the most powerful women of Game of Thrones, they are also the most fashionable.  I really enjoy seeing the different gowns and outfits that Queen Cersei and Queen Daenerys wear each week.  Their outfits are bold, modern, and fierce, just like their personalities.


My favorite aspect of Queen Cersei is her use of metal-work.  As Margaery comments in GOT 3×1, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  She knows it obviously won’t do anything to protect her in any real attack, but wearing it gives off this, “I’m a bad bitch and you better not f**k with me” vibe.  Plus, it’s always placed in such a way that it really accentuates her beautiful golden hair and her exquisite gowns.  I can’t get enough.


Daenerys had me at hello.  This girl has been my favorite character and fashionista since we meet her in her simple silver gown and shimmering silver hair.  Her fashions evolve each season as she embraces the cultures of which she is surrounded.  I think my personal two favorites are the blue dress that she is given in Qarth, and the acid-washed jeans she’s been rocking in Astapor.  But I think her best accessories are her animals – her dragons and her horse.  She looks like such a bad ass on horse back.  But who can forget this moment, naked and covered in fire and dragons.  This girl was literally on fire.  Katniss Everdeen better hope she doesn’t ever get stuck in an arena with this one.


8. Noble or Street Walker


It’s hard to tell with this dirty and despicable clothes.  I think it goes like this — Noble (but doesn’t know it), Noble (but doesn’t want you to know it), and Streetwalker.  We hope these outfits are gone soon.  We want to see Arya in real girl clothes ASAP.


Can we just talk about how bad we want this hair?! 


Be sure to check back with us as we cover the hits and misses of the fashions of Lannister Wedding Season 2013!

New episodes of Game of Thrones air Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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Born and raised in Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania graduate student, West Chester University alumnus, works in Penn's Development & Alumni Relations, lover of television, movies, fantasty football, and the Phillies.

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