The Morning After – The Vampire Diares

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Thursday night was a big night for soapy, television dramas.  Finales are coming up next week and that means some of our favorites have set up their finish lines.  Here are our takeaways, reactions, and feelings about last night’s plot twists, let us know what you think. [SPOILERS!]

What happened?

In an effort to communicate with Qetsiyah on how to get rid of Silas, Bonnie temporarily drops the veil to the other side.  Meaning, the return of some fan-favorites like Alaric, Jeremy (swoon!), and Kol.  After (temporarily, I’m sure) putting Silas in hibernation, Bonnie tries to permanently bring Jeremy back to the world of the living.  The spell is so powerful that it kills her.  What does this mean for the walking dead?

What was your reaction to Bonnie’s big twist?

Ashley:  “Bitch be dead”

Elizabeth:  Exactly.  I’m excited to see her go.  Not gonna lie, she didn’t have a relevant story line anymore.

A: No, and that “successful” music career is definitely taking her somewhere.

E: Oh yea, I always forget about that.

A: I mean, I’ll trade Bonnie for Jeremy, Alaric and Kol any day. If thats the case.

E: Well, would she really be leaving?

A: Because the veil is still down.

E: I hope that’s permanent, I don’t think they’ve said.

A:  I mean, technically yes.  Since she’s dead, it was never raised.

E:  She’ll probably go invisible and hang with grams and then come back to be the moral compass

A: She’s drama. I don’t want her back.

Who were you most excited to see?

A: Alaric. Hands down.

E: I cried. When they [Damon and Alaric] bro-hugged.

A: Me too. GOD. Those are the best.

E: They are the best.

A: When they were drinking the flask together. I just melted.

E: You know, I totally forgot about the cure until Alaric pulled it out of his pocket. That Alaric, always one step ahead.

A: Me too! Also, where was Jenna?

So Matt & Rebekah. Are they? Or aren’t they? OR more importantly, WILL THEY?

E: They are. Totally! YES! Here’s the evidence: Remember when Kol walked in and was like “I see you got the quarterback to pay you attention”? Instead of objecting (like he normally would) Matt kind of smirked.

A: Good point. Okay next. Rebekah’s Ex. HOT. In a manly viking warrior Fabio kind of way

E: So true. I’m not sure if I want to deal with the vampire hunters being around.

A: Me either. But the good news is they are all attractive. So I think we can handle it for a few more episodes.

E: Good point.  Don’t you think its kind of weird though–Damon, Elena, and Stefan made such a big deal about burning the house down and Jeremy being legitimately dead. Now, he’s just walking around, possibly permanently. Mystic Falls is going to notice.

A: Good point.

Who do you think is going to take the cure?

A: I don’t think it will be an original.

E: No.

A: Well, its not in the book.

E: It would just be so disappointing if it’s Elena. I’m hoping for a surprise, like Stefan!

A: It won’t be. Caroline would be nice.

E: It won’t be. She loves being a vampire.

What about you?  Who do you think will take the cure?  Are the dead permanently back?  Who were you most excited to see last night?

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