True Blood 6×2 Recap

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tb bill lilith

True Blood 6×2 entitled “The Sun” starts with audiences seeing Warlow escape the fae prison that he was locked in (we find that out later). Warlow looks terrifyingly disturbing and scarier than any vamp I’ve met on True Blood to date.  Sookie better watch out, because she has no idea what’s coming for her.  Speaking of Warlow…

The episode then picks up right where Episode 1 left off – Jason in a car careening towards the side of the road with “Warlow” having fled the driver’s seat. Except “Warlow” shocks us and saves Jason with a faerie blast. That’s because he’s not Warlow. He’s Jason and Sookie’s f*cking faerie grandfather, Niall Brigand (portrayed by Rutger Hauer). He’s quite knowledged on the Stackhouses’ and knows about Jason’s greatest football moments and juicy porn collection. Niall scolds Jason for the same thing I thought last week – yapping his mouth to a complete stranger.  Thank goodness he’s not Warlow, or else Jason would have just handed him Sookie on a silver platter.

tb niall

We next stop by Fangtasia where Tara has a bullet in her and isn’t healing(!).  Don’t fret though, Eric shows up and saves the day by removing the bullet with a glass bottle.  Turns out it’s a silver bullet emitting UV light which prevents vamps from healing – ouch.  Humans have apparently figured out vamps more than they realize.  This frustrates the vamps.  After growing tired of listening to Pam and Nora bicker over their current crisis, Eric demands Nora get back to work investigating the vampire bible and he heads out to handle some unknown business.  Boy, Eric Northman is sexy when he shouts.

The next stop is Bilith’s house.  We find Jess listening to Bill scream about feeling other vamps in pain. He sees vamps being whipped, burned, and one being drug by a vehicle. Suddenly, his body goes limp and Jess is left staring at Bill’s lifeless body. Bill is apparently in “No Place” with Lilith (who finally doesn’t look bloody and nasty).  He was escorted there by the “Lillites(?)” and they vanish into thin air after Lilith dispurses them.  Lilith tells Bill he’s there because certain events have been set in motion, and that he has a job to do.  Finally, we’re learning what Bill is, sort of!

Cut to Arlene waking up Sleeping Beauty aka Sookie who overslept her shift at Merlotte’s after the eventful evening with Bilith (remember, we’re only at the morning after last season’s crazy finale). I’m not going to lie, I sort of enjoyed seeing someone yell at Sookie for being irresponsible. But, I wish the folks at Merlotte’s could have a more serious role in this show.  It’s currently feeling like their scenes are detached from the bigger picture.  Hopefully, they find a way to pull it all together.  I’m over this Patrick/Ifrit story line like yesterday. Give me something more juicy with Arlene and Terry.

Sookie decides to walk to work and as she walks, she notices someone writhing in pain and bloody on the ground.  Normal.  She stops, against her better judgement, and quickly realizes the stranger on the ground is a fellow fae.  She learns through her special powers that he was injured by a vamp and the two of them conduct a mini-brain wave convo. (love when they do that).  She brings FaeStranger into her house (Has she learned NOTHING?!) and treats his injuries.  The two hare some cute banter before FaeStranger passes out, convincing me that we just met Sookie’s latest love interest.  I just hope that he doesn’t turn out to be an evil faerie infiltrating the Stackhouse clan on someone elses orders, or something like that.  Things haven’t quite been what they seem this season, and I hope this doesn’t turn out too ugly.

tb ben

We head back to Merlotte’s and catch up with Arlene waiting on a group of out-of-towners.  Did anyone else think it was weird that she opened the conversation with asking them where they’re from?  Just how friendly are waitresses in Bon Temp?  The girl at this table (recognize her?!) is looking for Sam Merlotte.  This girl, who we learn is Nicole Wright, wants Sam to help support shifters and other supes as they “come out of the coffin.”  She argues that the government won’t stop at exterminating the vamps, and that the supes are in danger unless they join together and fight for their rights.  She is the daughter of freedom riders; her grandparents initiated the civil rights movement and she is an advocate for weres, vampires, and all other supernaturals.  Unfortunately, Sam has no interest at all in supporting this movement and dismisses Nicole as quickly as he met her.

Back in “No Place,” Lilith tells Bill that a tyrant is rising, and it is the beginning of the end.  Bill has to complete her work.  Bill asks if he’s a god.  Lilith tells him no, that he isn’t nor is she.  She said Bill may be worshipped as a god, but there is only one God, but she again tells him that he will know what he must do.  Stupid Jess disrupts this moment by ordering Bill a Human Edible (yuck).  Jess brings her to Bill, but he’s still unconscious.  The girl tries to leave the room after staring creepily at frozen Bill, and suddenly Bill mentally warps her back in front of him and proceeds to suck all of her blood straight from her mouth until she falls over, dead. All while unconscious. WTF?! Still Bill, my ass.

Speaking of stupid women, Sookie is now watching FaeStranger sleep and she discovers that two faeries can play magic lights when they touch.  Cute.  FaeStranger wakes up and Sookie talks about her desires to give up her light and become a normal person.  She finally asks him his name as he’s leaving.  FaeStranger is named Ben.  They exchange pleasantries and then Sookie decides to point him in the direction of the faerie safe haven in the field.  She walks him with him as she continues her trek to Merlotte’s.  As they walk, they can’t help but hear each others’ thoughts.  Imagine how awkward that first date would be.

Since we mentioned the field last scene, it made sense to cue the Faerie Field.  Andy is running around with his 4 rapidly aging little girls, and it is hilarious.  He’s desperate for Morella to appear and help him with his band of fae children, but she is a no-show.  This is what you get when you let the little man swim with no cap, Andy!  My only complaint with this scene is it feels completely detached from the rest of the episode.  Again, writers, we need to tie this stuff together!

Finally, we see Grandaddy Niall and Jason arrive at Sookie’s house and inspect the bathroom where Warlow tried to break through.  Apparently, there is a portal from another realm hidden in the upstairs bathroom.  This is the entrance into Warlow’s prison.  Niall goes in to see if Warlow has broken out and discovers he did.  How many of you jumped and hoped Jason didn’t disappear when he tried to follow Niall?!  Thankfully, he didn’t and Jason just falls to the ground, but we know now that this is foreshadowing.  Over spaghetti, Niall tells the Stackhouse siblings about their history.  Niall is one of the original fae and he is the king of the remaining royal fae clan.  “That makes you a faerie princess, and that makes me a faerie prince,” quips Jason.  But that’s not the case.  Niall tells Jason that the gene skipped him and he is actually not a fae.  Niall continues and explains that Warlow has been after Niall’s family for centuries.  He slaughtered Niall’s village and killed his parents.  Therefore, Niall has been out for revenge ever since.  Warlow showed himself to Niall’s son, John Stackhouse, when he had John sign over the first female-born fae (aka Sookie).  Warlow showed himself again to the Stackhouse clan on the night when Sookie’s parents died.  That means Warlow killed all of their parents, giving Jason, Sookie, and Niall all big reasons to want to see him die.

Niall then tells them that killing Warlow will be no easy task.  Warlow has already been to the house, and will be back again very soon so they must learn how to defend themselves quickly.  Niall teaches Sookie about their special fae power – the supernova sun.  Niall and Sookie can focus their light into a single ball of energy.  They can pour all of their emotions, dreams, and pain into it and when they release it, the supernova will kill any vampire it touches.  But Sookie has to be careful.  She can only use this once and if she does, she will lose her light forever.  I wonder if she’s going to have to use this to kill Warlow or Bilith.  I know a major character is going to die this season.  How fitting would it be to see Sookie kill Bill and become human, all at once?

tbthe sun

We check back in with the rest of the vamps.  Nora is tediously pouring over the vampire bible and makes some sort of discovery – a mistranslation about people leading Lilith to the sun.  Who knows what that means.  Before she leaves, we have a little bit of a Pam/Nora break-through.  Nora tells Pam that Eric only kept secrets from Pam to protect her.  Truthfully, Pam is Eric’s greatest accomplishment and he loves her very much.  He just doesn’t know how to show it.  How cute!

Speaking of Mr. Northman, it turns out he was on a mission to disrupt the plans of Governor Burrell.  Eric infiltrates the mansion by posing as a geek.  Let me just tell you, it was uh-maze-ing.  Eric tries to warn Burrell about the dangerous “whooping crane” until he finally reveals the real reason for his visit – he attempts to glamour the governor.  It seems like such a clever move, until suddenly the governor starts to laugh.  The humans have figured this out too, and have developed anti-glamour contacts.  Such a shocking moment!  Burrell has guards come to escort Eric to “camp.”  We aren’t sure what this means, but something tells me Eric would not have enjoyed himself there.  The guards bring Eric outside and he’s able to escape by flying away, must to their dismay.  Interesting.  They haven’t figured everything about vampires out just yet.

Eric learned that the governor has a weak spot – his daughter.  So Eric heads to her house and cleverly waits outside until she takes out her contacts.  Then, in what felt like vintage True Blood, he hovered outside of her window looking dangerously handsome and was able to glamour himself into her room.  Those whooping cranes sure are shifty!

We finally get a little were-action when Alcide and Co. show up at Sam’s apartment where Uncle Lala was babysitting Emma. The pack shows up and demand that Sam and Lafayette let Emma go home with them, since she’s a werewolf and Martha’s granddaughter.  Despite Sam’s claims that Luna and Emma both want Emma to stay with Sam, the pack jumps Sam and Lafayette and kidnap Emma.  This is utterly ridiclous.  Who is this person and what have they done with Alcide?  Side note – while this is happening, Nicole and her friends catch the whole thing on camera. Thank gosh no one shifted!

The episode concludes with an amazing monologue by Jess as she says a prayer to Bill/God, still under the impression that Bill is god.  I have to give it up for Deborah Ann Woll this season.  She has produced some of the best Jessica scenes to date.  I used to think her character was sort of pointless, but I’m really liking her this season. Keep it up, Jess!

Jess’s prayer to God is beautiful.  She confesses all of her sins, including wrath and lust and murder, and then she asks God to bless everyone in Bon Temp.  As she goes over each individual person (including Hoyt!), we get a glimpse of what they are each up to.  The scene was a really nice way to calm the episode down before amping it up for a shocking ending.

Bill finally returns from his conversation with Lilith, after she tells him that he will know what he must do and that he should trust what he sees.  As Bill wakes up and rejoins Jessica, the news cuts on and the two of them see breaking news – a vampire has been chained to a vehicle and is currently being drug through the streets.  This is the same vamp that Bill saw in the start of the episode.  Jessica quickly realizes that Bill can see the future.  As Bill comes to the realization himself, he is hit with a vision.  We see all the vamps we’ve come to know and love – Jessica, Tara, Pam, Eric – all together in one room, burning.  The episode ends as Bill reveals “they’re all gonna burn!”

As a huge fan of both the show and the novels, I was growing more and more tired of the complete stray of the storyline from the books.  I understand things need to change, and some things worked better to adapt to TV than others, but I have to give it to the writers for this episode.  They’ve managed to change the story and remain true to the books (at least a little bit!) all at the same time.  I really appreciate the many subtle nod to the books – Eric’s smooth and conniving strength, Sookie’s endless time spent cooking for Jason and whoever visited her house, Niall as the faerie grandfather, Pam’s endless devotion to Eric  – it was all very fitting and appreciciated.

Favorite Line –  “Down here organic means you play the fancy piano at church.” ~ Arlene in response to the out-of-towners who asked for organic food.

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