The Weekly Netflix Recommendation


Okay, Okay, Okay. I know, we’ve totally been slacking on the Weekly Netflix Post lately, but good news is, we’re back.

This week’s pick:

Orange is the New Black


“Orange is the New Black is the story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to 15 months in prison after she is convicted of a decade old crime of transporting money for her drug dealing girlfriend (Laura Prepon).”

Jenji Kohan is back and boy are we glad. If you, like us, have felt like there is a part of your soul missing without our weekly rendezvous with Nancy Botwin, you’re in luck. Kohan hit the nail on the dose of the crazy head yet again. Rather than sit here and discuss all the minute details of the show, I’m just going to go ahead and make your weekend plans for you. You, Netflix and 13 episodes of Comedic bliss….Saturday or Sunday your call. (I highly recommend a 12 pack of your favorite brew and a koozie to cozy up to as a welcomed guest.)

Here’s a quick breakdown of what makes us sad we have to wait a whole year for season 2.

The Supporting Cast.

Also, has anyone else noticed the resemblance between Crazy Eye’s and Roger from Sister, Sister?



Prison is just like high school….but so much weirder.

All the Emotional Baggage

Will They? Won’t they? Are They? Aren’t They?

(This clip is a little long, but…enjoy the crazy!)

Not Up for Orange is the New Black? Here’s some other recommendations to get you through the week. (And a few to stay away from.)

  • House of Cards
  • New Girl
  • Everything Must Go

What to Avoid

  • The Paperboy
  • What to Expect When your Expecting
  • Jeff Who Lives at Home

Happy Watching!


Another FNL Alum Joins Parenthood for Season 5

jessmerriweatherAnyone who knows me, knows that I am OBSESSED with Friday Night Lights.  I’ve watched the series in its entirety too many times to count and I really think the world would be a better place if everyone watched it.  Really, clear eyes full hearts can’t lose.

Naturally, I’m also a huge Parenthood fan.  I say “naturally” because the creator of FNL, Jason Katims, is the mastermind behind Parenthood.  The film styles and dialogue are similar, as well as the cast.

Speaking of the cast, Parenthood has added another FNL cast member to it’s spectacular line up.  Jurnee Smollett will be joining the team as Heather Hall, a smart, feisty, up-and-coming political dynamo who Kristina hires to be her campaign manager as she runs for local office.  Monica Potter, who plays Kristina, has been the focus of a lot of Emmy upset chatter and we agree!  Kristina’s battle with breast cancer was the focus of season 4 and it would have been great to see the show recognized for it’s talent.

Smollett joins previous Friday Night Lights cast mates Matt Lauria (also returning season 5), Minka Kelly, Michael B. Jordan, Derek Phillips, Angela Rawna and Jeff Rosick who have also appeared on the show.

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Monday Man Candy: X-Men’s Bromances

Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 9.26.00 PM

Over the weekend, X-Men’s Comic Con Panel featured four amazing actors playing two legendary superheroes. X-Men: Days of Future Past will feature two generations of X-Men in the Marvel movie universe.  James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart will reprise their roles as Professor X, as will Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen as Magneto.  In this adorable interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actors discuss working together and their methods (or lack there of) when playing the same character in the same movie.

How adorable is this foursome?



As if this wasn’t cute enough, McKellen declared on the panel that he was eyeing Fassbender as a hot, young trophy husband.  You and me both Ian!

To add to the excitement, promotional films for the 2014 film were released over the weekend highlighting the character’s duality.

X-Men "Days of Future Past" poster -- exclusive image
X-Men "Days of Future Past" poster -- exclusive image

How excited are you for X-Men: Days of Future Past?  I really hope they address what happens to Professor X’s hair.  I hope you enjoyed this adorable and sweet Monday Man Candy.

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Catching Fire: Dissecting the Trailer

Yesterday, at the Catching Fire Comic Con panel The Hunger Games team debuted the first official trailer.  All the writers of RPW are HUGE Hunger Games fans, so we were eagerly sitting by our computers waiting for the first glimpse at Finnick and hoping for a sneak peek at the arena.  The trailer delivered that and more.  Here’s the breakdown:

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.55.57 PM

Victors’ Village

Now that Peeta and Katniss are victors, they live in District 12’s Victors’ Village.  There are several rows of houses and only three are occupied by Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch.  It’s just as dreary and lonely as I imagined it would be.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.56.12 PM


“Since the last games something is different, you can see it.”
“What can you see?”

In The Hunger Games, the games end when Peeta and Katniss threaten to digest nightlock, intending to commit suicide, they are both pulled from the arena and declared victors.  For the first time in history, The Hunger Games had two victors.  Its also the first time that the Capitol and President Snow have been publicly defied.  Because of her actions, Peeta and Katniss have unintentionally started a revolution giving the nation hope.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.56.14 PM

Playing Nice for the Cameras

Post-Games, Katniss and Peeta must keep the faux-romance (or is it?) alive.  I have very strong opinions about how the first movie depicted this romance and I’m curious to see how it plays out in the second film.

“You saved us.  I know that.  But I can’t go on acting for the cameras and ignoring each other in real life.”

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.56.36 PM

Devising a Plan

“She’s not who they think she is, she has to be eliminated.”
“I agree, but in the right way at the right time.”

President Snow and Head Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee hatch a plan to eliminate Katniss Everdeen and hopefully eliminate this pending revolution.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.56.48 PM

Caught Red Handed

Realizing the upcoming danger, Katniss makes a plea to Gale for them to run away with their families.  Gale is resistant, he wants this revolution. “People want a fight, I’m staying here,” he declares before passionately kissing her not realizing that she’s under Snow’s watchful eye.  Before their Victor’s Tour, Snow surprises Katniss at her home and let’s her know that he controls her every move.  “You fought very hard in the games Miss Everdeen, but they were games.  Would you like to be in a real war?  Imagine, thousands of your people dead.  Your loved ones, gone.”  “What do I need to do?” replies Katniss.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.57.12 PM

The Twist

How do Plutarch and Snow plan to get rid of Katniss?  Cue the 75th Hunger Games.  Every 25 years, there is a “Quarter Quell” that allows the Capitol to introduce a twist in the games.  This year’s twist is that 24 victors from previous years will be forced to compete once again.  Katniss and Peeta enter the games for District 12, both vowing to protect one another.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.57.22 PM

“I think these Games are going to be different.”

Haymitch says to Peeta and Katniss when discussing the Quarter Quell to provide a little bit of foreshadowing.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.57.32 PM

“Ready to go to work?”

God bless you Cinna.  Those who have seen the first movie know how important Cinna’s work was to creating the Girl on Fire.  Just because she won doesn’t mean the work is over.  Cinna, Portia, Effie, and Haymitch band together to build the faux-romance story and give Peeta and Katniss and stronger chance at winning.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.57.44 PM

Meet the Other Tributes

Hello Finnick!  I don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling pretty good about this one.  Finnick Odair, from District 4, won the 65th Hunger Games when he was fourteen years old by using a net and trident.  And yes, he’s wearing a fishing net.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.57.46 PM

This is Enobaria from District 2.  When she became old enough to participate, she volunteered for the 62nd Hunger Games. She became famous for ripping another tribute’s throat out with her teeth and after the games she had her teeth cosmetically altered to end in sharp points, like fangs, and inlaid with gold to remind everyone of her savage victory.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.57.50 PM

This is Gloss, he’s a career tribute from District 1.  I already don’t like him.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 10.02.42 PM

Finally, Johanna Mason!  The axe wielding bad girl from District 7.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.57.53 PM


Unlike the last games, Peeta and Katniss go into the training sessions to actually train.  Up against these known-killers, they need all the training they can get.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.58.16 PM

District 12 Has Arrived

Dude, the CGI looks so much better than last year!  The costumes are fantastic for the opening ceremony.  Way to step it up.  Do work, Cinna.  And how hot does Josh Hutcherson look?

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 10.01.42 PM

The Mockingjay

Again, the costumes are killing it.  During her tribute interview, Katniss’s “wedding gown” transforms into a beautiful and breathtaking Mockingjay costume.  Why is this important?  The Mockingjay symbol (above) is the nation’s symbol for hope.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.58.24 PM

The Arena

You guys, we’re seeing much more of The Arena in this trailer than we did for The Hunger Games and I’M LOVING IT!  Also, knowing what happens to Katniss right before she’s sent into The Arena and seeing it all over Jennifer Lawrence’s face.  Whew!  This is going to be rough to watch.

Watch the full trailer below.  Initial thoughts?  The quality seems to be better, the story lines are all there, I’m feeling good.  What are you most excited to see?

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Breaking Bad Prequel “Better Call Saul” Just Might Happen!

This post is meant to serve as an update to our earlier post, Breaking Bad: The Rougher Years. RPW previously reported that there was no word of a spin-off or movie adaptation for Breaking Bad.  Now, we are retracting that statement because rumor has it that a spin-off or prequel has become a real possibility.



Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, is currently in works with AMC to produce a new show called (I’m sure you can guess) Better Call Saul.  The show will revolve around questionable-attorney, Saul Goodman, and his adventures with his shifty clientele.  Gilligan made a point to say the show will probably be a prequel to the Breaking Bad series and is quoted saying that’s because “…you never know, when the dust settles at the end of our final eight episodes, where everybody’s gonna be and who’s gonna be left standing.”  How ominous.

Gilligan also mentioned that the show has potential to be done in two different forms – a 30-minute comedy based sitcom-y type show centering on Saul’s goofy attitude and comedic encounters OR it could be a 60-minute drama based show that focuses more on the dangerous aspects of Saul’s life.  The latter of the two choices is way more in tune with what fans come to expect from Breaking Bad, but the former has me intrigued.  It wouldn’t really be a sitcom (since it won’t be in front of a live audience) but it will be shorter than BB fans are used to and comedic-based.  However, considering the type of comedy we’ve come to expect from our man Saul, it will probably be dark and gritty humor and feel more like East Bound and Down or Curb Your Enthusiasm than Friends or any other comedic show we tend to associate with sitcoms.

While there is no deal in place for Better Call Saul just yet, things look promising and RPW will keep you posted. Until then, you better get ready for the epic finale of Breaking Bad which picks up right after THIS happens.


The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad premiere in three weeks on August 11th on AMC at 9pm.  

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“Jesse and the Rippers” Reunite on Fallon


Ladies, set those DVR’s because the reunion we’ve been waiting for is happening tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Rumors began buzzing that John Stamos and his band from his glory days on Full House were reuniting when a new Twitter account named Jesse Katsopolis (@jessandtheripp) emerged in June, and began tweeting photos of Stamos and the band in their infamous leather vests, mullets, and red blazer ensembles.


Then, the rumor mill really started racing after Stamos released a short video on his Instagram account showing the band recording the Full House theme song with the caption, “Never thought I’d be singing THIS song.”  Finally, People magazine confirmed that Jesse and the Rippers will be back on stage tonight on LNJF!  RPW has just one thing to say about this – Thank you, thank you very much!  Now, we just hope that we can hear some of our all time favorites like “Forever,” “Michelle Smiling,” and maybe a little Beach Boys mash up for old times sake.

Here’s a little Friday treat to help get your through the rest of the day.  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs tonight on NBC at 12:35.

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New Kings of Leon Single, Listen Here!


Southern rockers Kings of Leon have released their first single off the upcoming album ‘Mechanical Bull.’  The single, titled ‘Supersoaker,’ is reminiscent of their 2003 debut album.  The catchy, soulful lyrics are paired with loud guitar bursts and funky rhythms.

This is the first music out of the band since they announced their hiatus in August of 2011 after singer Caleb Followill appeared onstage heavily intoxicated.  During the show, Followill, abruptly left the stage claiming he was going to vomit, drink a beer and return to play three more songs. He never returned, the rest of the band apologized on his behalf and cancelled the remainder of their tour.  The band’s humble upbringing and sudden rise to fame was the focus of the 2011 documentary Talihina Sky.

‘Mechanical Bull’ is set for release on September 24, 2013, listen to ‘Supersoaker’ below.

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When World’s Collide: Suits Meets Game of Thrones


Don’t mind me, guys. I’m just freaking out about the Suits premiere last night.  I don’t think its a big secret that I’m kind of obsessed with Game of Thrones (I mean, the 114 posts and recaps are a pretty good hint).  Last season, we met Edward Darby the head of the English law firm planning to merge with Pearson Hardman.  Darby is played by Conleth Hill, better known as the eunuch Varys from Thrones.  Last night, we were introduced to the new character Ava Hessington, a British oil tycoon who is faced with a criminal trial that could find her in jail.  Ava is played by the great Michelle Fairley, otherwise known as everyone’s favorite mother Catelyn Stark.  So far, Ava is a spitfire and I love seeing Fairley like this.  For the Thrones themed Suits promo, click below.

Overall, the season premiere was a relief.  Towards the end of last season I felt overwhelmed!  I was having a hard time following the plot and the merger and who was stabbing who in the back.  Thankfully, last night slowed things down a bit.  It recapped everything that happened last season and tied up some lose ends.  It looks like the main plot points this season will be the civil war happening at Pearson Darby.  With Edward Darby in New York, he’s stuck in the middle between Jessica and Harvey.  When you think about it, Darby is a genius character (much like Varys), he’s playing these two relentlessly stubborn characters against each other.  At this point, I fully expect him to take the firm entirely when Jessica and Harvey self-destruct.  Of course, this would be enough of a catalyst to bring them back together.  Time will tell.

And what does this mean for Mike?  He’s still acting as their pawn.  Jessica began the episode by rewarding him with a fancy new office for helping her during the merger, an action Harvey saw as a stab in the back.  Mike’s storyline this season includes his budding romance with Rachel and his fight to win back Harvey’s trust.  I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of miss my favorite TV bromance.  Harvey+Mike=4EVA.  I think Louis summed it up best last night when he said, “Harvey is Batman. Batman needs Robin. You help him win, he’ll remember why he needs you.”

What are your thoughts on the Suits season premiere?  What do you think is next between Harvey and Jessica?  Can Harvey win Ava’s case?


Monday Man Candy – Michael B. Jordan


I first fell in love with Michael B. Jordan when he showed up on the fourth season of my favorite show Friday Night Lights.  As Vince Howard, he was a cocky thug who under the guidance of Coach Eric Taylor became the warmhearted, passionate quarterback for the East Dillon Lions.


Then on Parenthood he played Alex, a recovering alcoholic who begins to date Haddie and is an essential piece of her transition into adulthood.  I knew Jordan was talented from FNL but his emotional performance on Parenthood stole the show.


Then I watched the surprise hit Chronicle.  The movie follows three teenage boys who develop telekinetic abilities after encountering a large crystalline object buried in a cave.  Jordan plays popular student Steve who tries to act as the moral compass for the trio.


Next up, he is in the highly anticipated Fruitvale Station.  The film is based on the true story of Oscar Grant (Jordan), a young man who was fatally shot by BART police officer Johannes Mehserle at the Oakland, California Fruitvale Bay station.  Jordan’s performance has been praised by critics as gentle and tough as “he effortlessly draws the viewer in toward him.”  The film hit theaters this past weekend, check out the trailer below.


Remembering Cory Monteith


I’m a Glee fan.  It took me a while to admit that.  At first, I just tuned in for the music but as the show progressed I found myself smitten with Finn and Rachel, crying when Kurt was bullied, and cheering when Burt and Carole got married.  Today, I’m crying for another reason.  Cory Monteith was the heart and soul of Glee.  The “was” in that sentence feels very strange.  As Finn Hudson, he was the show’s leading man, the troubled hero, and the lost boy.  His character captured our hearts and that would not have been possible without the earnest performance by Cory Monteith.  He will be missed.  The world has lost a great young talent.  Our thoughts are with the members of the Glee cast, Lea Michele, and Monteith’s family and friends.  In celebration of his life, we are counting down our favorite Finn Hudson performances.

1.  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

2.  Just the Way You Are

3.  I’ll Stand By You

4.  I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

5.  Scientist

6.  Faithfully (Journey Medley)

7.  Paradise by the Dashboard Light (Nationals Medley)

8.  We’ve Got Tonight

9. Glory Days

10.  Somebody to Love