Monday Man Candy – Catching up with the Spring Awakening Cast

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Spring Awakening is best known as the musical that kick-started the career of Lea Michele.  It is a rock musical with music by Duncan Sheik and is based on the controversial German play Spring Awakening (1891) by Frank Wedekind.  The play is set in 19th century Germany and follows a group of teenagers discovering their inner and outer sexuality.  The original broadway cast included several young actors that are currently taking Hollywood by storm.  See the delicious list below–

Jonathan Groff


Mostly recognized for his portrayal of Jesse St. James on Glee, Groff will be a voice in the upcoming Pixar film Frozen.  It’s a shame that beautiful face isn’t going to be on the screen, but I guess we’ll settle for his mesmerizing voice.  Did we mention that he also dates past-Monday Man Candy participant Zachary Quinto?  Adorable!

John Gallagher, Jr.


This guy is tearing it up on HBO’s The Newsroom.  He plays the eternally loyal, Jim Harper who falls in love with bumbling coworker Maggie.  The problem?  He dates her roommate and she’s dates their other coworker, Don.  Wah wahhhh.  That’s okay Jim, ditch the roommate.  I’m available!

Skylar Astin


Um, did you see Pitch Perfect?

Bonus! London’s Spring Awakening cast member Iwan Rheon


He’s currently kicking ass and taking body parts on Game of Thrones.  I don’t think anyone else could have delivered the line “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention,” so creepily but still, so sexy.  Iwan recently dropped a new album, listen to his acoustic sound on Spotify here.

To see a clip of the guys during their Spring Awakening days, check out the video below:

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