When World’s Collide: Suits Meets Game of Thrones

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Don’t mind me, guys. I’m just freaking out about the Suits premiere last night.  I don’t think its a big secret that I’m kind of obsessed with Game of Thrones (I mean, the 114 posts and recaps are a pretty good hint).  Last season, we met Edward Darby the head of the English law firm planning to merge with Pearson Hardman.  Darby is played by Conleth Hill, better known as the eunuch Varys from Thrones.  Last night, we were introduced to the new character Ava Hessington, a British oil tycoon who is faced with a criminal trial that could find her in jail.  Ava is played by the great Michelle Fairley, otherwise known as everyone’s favorite mother Catelyn Stark.  So far, Ava is a spitfire and I love seeing Fairley like this.  For the Thrones themed Suits promo, click below.

Overall, the season premiere was a relief.  Towards the end of last season I felt overwhelmed!  I was having a hard time following the plot and the merger and who was stabbing who in the back.  Thankfully, last night slowed things down a bit.  It recapped everything that happened last season and tied up some lose ends.  It looks like the main plot points this season will be the civil war happening at Pearson Darby.  With Edward Darby in New York, he’s stuck in the middle between Jessica and Harvey.  When you think about it, Darby is a genius character (much like Varys), he’s playing these two relentlessly stubborn characters against each other.  At this point, I fully expect him to take the firm entirely when Jessica and Harvey self-destruct.  Of course, this would be enough of a catalyst to bring them back together.  Time will tell.

And what does this mean for Mike?  He’s still acting as their pawn.  Jessica began the episode by rewarding him with a fancy new office for helping her during the merger, an action Harvey saw as a stab in the back.  Mike’s storyline this season includes his budding romance with Rachel and his fight to win back Harvey’s trust.  I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of miss my favorite TV bromance.  Harvey+Mike=4EVA.  I think Louis summed it up best last night when he said, “Harvey is Batman. Batman needs Robin. You help him win, he’ll remember why he needs you.”

What are your thoughts on the Suits season premiere?  What do you think is next between Harvey and Jessica?  Can Harvey win Ava’s case?

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