Breaking Bad Prequel “Better Call Saul” Just Might Happen!

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This post is meant to serve as an update to our earlier post, Breaking Bad: The Rougher Years. RPW previously reported that there was no word of a spin-off or movie adaptation for Breaking Bad.  Now, we are retracting that statement because rumor has it that a spin-off or prequel has become a real possibility.



Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, is currently in works with AMC to produce a new show called (I’m sure you can guess) Better Call Saul.  The show will revolve around questionable-attorney, Saul Goodman, and his adventures with his shifty clientele.  Gilligan made a point to say the show will probably be a prequel to the Breaking Bad series and is quoted saying that’s because “…you never know, when the dust settles at the end of our final eight episodes, where everybody’s gonna be and who’s gonna be left standing.”  How ominous.

Gilligan also mentioned that the show has potential to be done in two different forms – a 30-minute comedy based sitcom-y type show centering on Saul’s goofy attitude and comedic encounters OR it could be a 60-minute drama based show that focuses more on the dangerous aspects of Saul’s life.  The latter of the two choices is way more in tune with what fans come to expect from Breaking Bad, but the former has me intrigued.  It wouldn’t really be a sitcom (since it won’t be in front of a live audience) but it will be shorter than BB fans are used to and comedic-based.  However, considering the type of comedy we’ve come to expect from our man Saul, it will probably be dark and gritty humor and feel more like East Bound and Down or Curb Your Enthusiasm than Friends or any other comedic show we tend to associate with sitcoms.

While there is no deal in place for Better Call Saul just yet, things look promising and RPW will keep you posted. Until then, you better get ready for the epic finale of Breaking Bad which picks up right after THIS happens.


The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad premiere in three weeks on August 11th on AMC at 9pm.  

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