Woman Crush Wednesday: Julianne Moore Edition, Don Jon Movie Review

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This weekend I went with my boyfriend to see Don Jon. My boyfriend is a guys guy and has nothing to do with entertainment, celebrities or the who’s who of Tinsel Town. He turns to me 3/4 of the way through the movie and says, “Who is she? She’s hot!” I smiled (proudly) and told him that its Julianne Moore and she’s 52 years old. His mouth fell open in disbelief.

If you’ve lived under a rock and have yet to watch the Don Jon trailer, the premise of the movie is essentially, “Men think relationships and sex should be like a porno and women think it should be like a romcom.” Scarlett Johansson plays Barbara the “love” of Jon’s (Gordon Levitt) life. What they begin to find out about each other is that Barbara is essentially a princess attempting to find the perfect man to complete her real life romantic comedy, while Jon has an addiction to porn….sex….porn….sex and Barbara is helping fuel the addiction. Barbara makes Jon start taking night classes at a local college to “better” himself. While attending the college he meets Esther (Moore) whom he walks up on while in the midst of miniature meltdown. During the course of the semester Esther tries to make nice with Jon and become a somewhat friend. Little does Jon know, Esther will change his outlook on sex and life in more ways than one.

I love Gordon-Levitt, but while this movie took a completely different direction than 500 Days of Summer, that’s just what it was…500 Days of Summer. Lets break this down:

500 Days of Summer

Addiction: Unrequitted Love – Leading Lady: Summer – Moral Center: Little Sister – Silver Lining: You can’t make someone who isn’t right for you, right for you. – Saving Lady: Autumn

Don Jon

Addiction: Porn – Leading Lady: Barbara – Moral Center: Little Sister – Silver Lining: You can’t make someone who isn’t right for you, right for you. – Saving Lady: Esther

While it does have the same premise as 500 Days, I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone. The stereotype is 100% true and its played out hilariously on screen through Gordon-Levitt’s vision. The wildcard in this movie is by far Julianne Moore which leads me to our Woman Crush of the Week.


Top 3 Reason We Are Girl Crushin’

1.) Seriously, at 52 Years Old, I hope to look half that good.

2.) Have you seen Boogie Nights?

3.) She’s from North Carolina, and ya’ll, we love North Carolina.

Where You Can See Julianne Next…

It was recently released that Moore has been cast in the next Hunger Games movie Mockingjay as President Alma Coin.


Until Next Week…..

Author: anfoster117

Ashley is a Western North Carolina native who resides in Charlotte, NC. She graduated in 2010 with BFA in Graphic Design from Appalachian State University. Currently, she works as an Art Director for an advertising company and is a freelance designer in her downtime. Ashley loves Hiking, Skiing, Traveling, Photography, Football, Music, Movies, and her dog Henry the 8th.

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