Fifty Shades of Grey – Our hopes for the total Christian Grey ‘package’ deal

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In the book, Christian is described as tall, slim yet muscular, and broad-shouldered.  He has dark copper-colored hair and “smoldering” gray eyes. Anastasia describes him saying, “He is not merely good looking – he is the epitome of male beauty, breathtaking.”  Although he is only 27-years-old, Christian is incredibly successful and intimidating.  The character seems wiser than his years through his sophisticated speech and demeanor.  In the film adaptation, Ana will be portrayed by Dakota Johnson.  Charlie Hunnam was originally cast as Grey but after much backlash from fans, Hunnam dropped out due to “scheduling conflicts.”  After hearing the news of Hunnam’s departure and a brief celebration, we began our list of possible replacements.  Who do you hope to see in the Red Room of Pain?

Current Rumors

Jamie Dornan


Pro:  He’s gorgeous.  He looks like how I always imagined Christian Grey to look:  smoldering, delicate, and a little scary. With his British background, he’ll be able to pull off the signature Christian dialogue.  And, judging by his modeling portfolio he’s not afraid of a little nudity, HELLO!

Con:  Does he have the acting chops to pull off Grey’s cold but vulnerable demeanor?  Other than his brief stint on Once Upon a Time, American audiences don’t really know Dornan.  With the Charlie Hunnam backlash in mind, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Billy Magnussen


Pro: He has the “large” resume under his belt. (Pun intended?) Broadway, TV and Movie experience, something the other contenders are sorely lacking.

Con: Magnussen has Abercrombie written all over him. He’s too clean cut, too blonde and too pale. Some would argue its nothing a dye job and tan couldn’t fix, but I don’t imagine this all american guy dirtying up his look for the role of Christian Grey.

Theo James


Pro:  James is relatively unknown besides a few appearances on the small screen.  However, there is a lot of talk around his upcoming performance in the YA movie Divergent.

Con:  First of all, he’s too blonde.  Secondly, he’s too committed to Divergent.  The series is three books long and with the first installment set to release in the spring, there’s too many scheduling conflicts for James to agree to take the lead in another book to film adaption.

Alexander Skarsgard


Pro: He’s Alexander Skarsgard, sex symbol extraordinaire. For the last six seasons, Skarsgard has played the hunky and brooding Eric Northman on True Blood. We have no doubts he could fill the shoe’s of Grey, plus, he’s not afraid of a little full frontal on the big screen.

Con: Blonde, Pale, Swedish. Also, he has a few too many years on him to fill the role. Not that we are complaining, he’s still beautiful in our eyes.

RPW Recommendations

Ben Barnes


Pro:  The whole time I was reading Fifty I pictured Ben Barnes in the role.  I have no clue why and I think I’ve only seen Barnes in one movie, ever, but for some reason he’s got the look.  Also, Barnes has the acting resume to bring experience to the film, which might be valuable against Dakota Johnson.  He’s never broken out as a leading man, could Grey be his chance?

Con:  He’s gone relatively unnoticed by Fifty fans, so its unlikely that they will support his casting.  Also, his stance on nudity is unclear.

Alex Pettyfer


Pro: I’m a firm believer in the jaw line, (Can I get an amen?) and he’s already been tested for the role. As confirmed in last summer’s Magic Mike, we know Pettyfer is willing to take it off for the big screen, so, no issues there.

Con: He didn’t get the role the first time around. Something says the forces of the universe are battling against this one.

Rupert Friend


Pro:  Um, hello?  Did you see our current Monday Man Candy post?  I just want to lick his jawline and if I can’t, I’m okay with Dakota Johnson doing it for me.  Also, he’s a pro at the smoldering gaze, mmmmm.

Con:  The film seems a little “beneath” him.  He’s one of the better known actors on the list and it sounds like the creators are looking for an unknown to avoid any upset.

Reader’s Choice

Ian Somerhalder


Pro: I mean really, just do me now. Of course, thats what any the legions of fans would say that tune in every Thursday night to watch Somerhalder play the brooding, cocky and always delicious Damon Salvatore.

Con: According to James, Somerhalder has never even been considered for the role. (Whomp, Whomp, Whoooommpp)

Matt Bomer


Pro:  Fans want him.  There’s a petition with over 40,000 signatures proving it.

Con:  Bomer isn’t interested.  While flattered by all the fan attention, he has explicitly stated that he has no interest in the role.

This list was constructed by Rock Paper Watch authors Elizabeth Bond and Ashley Foster.  Feel free to reach out with comments or questions.  Thanks for reading!

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