Monday Man Candy – Rupert Friend


I want to tell you guys a little story.  It is the story of how I fell in love with Rupert Friend.  In 2005, the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice came out.  While I should have been crushing on Mr. Darcy, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Mr. Wickham played by Rupert Friend.  That is when our romance began.


I mean, just look at him.

Then one pathetic college night, I was in need of a good cry-fest and red wine so I decided to rent Young Victoria.  Whew, I’m getting emotional just typing about it!  The movie illustrates the epic romance between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Friend portrays Albert.  I dare you to watch the movie and not fall head over heels for the British actor.

God.  Love me, please.

Now you can find Friend on Showtime’s Homeland where he plays Quinn, a hitman with a heart.  I’m an avid fan of the show and I can’t help but root for a Quinn and Carrie hookup.

homeland 3 episode 1.10 copy

The sexual tension is so intense, and Quinn is obviously in love with the manic CIA agent.  Come on Homeland, let this happen… or at least show his butt again.


We take what we can get.

Here are some more swoon-worthy photos of Rupert Friend for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!


I think there’s room for two in that chair.

That brooding stare

That jawline

Author: elizbond

Creative Project Manager at the CFPB, Appalachian State alumni, Emerson College IMC graduate. Lover of movies, television, junk food, her dog Dexter, James Dean, and all things southern. North Carolina native, DC resident.

3 thoughts on “Monday Man Candy – Rupert Friend

  1. What the f*ck, no comments on this so far? He’s absolutely gorgeous. And… just that you know: I liked him first! ;-)))

    (Plus, whenever and wherever I find something about him on the internet I unfortunately must comment on it. Can anybody find me a Peter Quinn duplicate? A decent copy of Rupert Friend will also do nicely, thank you.)

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