Monday Man Candy, the Men of Scandal – Who Would You Choose?



This week’s Monday Man Candy is solely to pay tribute to the delectable men of everyone’s guilty pleasure, Scandal.

In the show Scandal, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) finds herself stuck between two deliciously powerful men; President Fitzgerald Grant played by Tony Goldwyn and Captain Jake Ballard played by Scott Foley.  Here at Rock Paper Watch, we like to ask the important questions so which one would you choose?  To help address this question it’s only fair to weigh the pros and cons, here goes nothing!

Who looks the best without clothes?



This one is a toss-up, let’s be real, we would take either but between Goldwyn’s sculpted abs and Foley’s broad shoulders it’s impossible for a girl to choose!

Who is the best at being bad?


Before Scandal, Goldwyn was best known for the character Carl Bruner in Ghost.  In the film, his character is the friend-turned-betrayer of Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) and his actions indirectly cause of Sam’s death.  Has his portrayal of Fitzgerald Grant made us finally forgive him?  Hardly.  He’s still bad as the President, murdering dying Supreme Court Justices and possibly his girlfriend’s mother but he looks so good doing it!


Foley is notorious for playing the guy that just can’t get the girl (looking at you Noah Crane) but his best-known bad-guy role was in Scream 3 as Sydney’s half-brother with murderous tendencies.  When we were introduced to Jake Ballard during season two, he was a full-on creeper!  On behalf of the President and B-613, he was watching Olivia with multiple cameras and at all times.  But then he fell for her and we realized that his intentions were good.  Ballard is a top-secret spy/assassin, and let’s face it, that’s such a turn-on.

Best in unconventional sex locations

The President’s desk wins every time.  There’s no beating that.

Bonus – The closet scene

Who would win in a fight?

This is how Jake reacts in a crisis.


This is how Fitz reacts in a crisis.


Too easy.

Who has the better work uniform?


Fitz looks great in a suit but come on, that’s how you make a Navy uniform look good.


Bonus, they’re HOT and sweaty.

Who would be the better boyfriend?

“I am not a toy you can play with when you’re bored or lonely or horny. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me!” –Olivia to Fitz

It’s no secret; Fitz and Olivia have AMAZING chemistry.  They can just listen to each other breathing over the phone and break your heart.  But let’s face it, Fitz is a pretty crappy boyfriend between the wife, the season one mistress, and the lies…Fitz kind of sucks.  And is “earn me” something any girl wants to say to her boyfriend?  Don’t think so.

“I don’t play second fiddle to anyone, even the President. Goodnight, Olivia.” –Jake to Olivia

You wanna know why I like Jake?  He doesn’t put up with Olivia’s bullsh*t.  He’s not afraid to stand up to her and call her out.  Also, he has her back.  Fitz often leaves her out there on her own, she’s more than capable to handle that but Jake has her best interests at heart.  He’s a giver, Fitz is a taker and Olivia needs a giver.


My winner is obviously Jake Ballard/Scott Foley.  Who would you choose?

Author: elizbond

Creative Project Manager at the CFPB, Appalachian State alumni, Emerson College IMC graduate. Lover of movies, television, junk food, her dog Dexter, James Dean, and all things southern. North Carolina native, DC resident.

2 thoughts on “Monday Man Candy, the Men of Scandal – Who Would You Choose?

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  2. I choose Fitz always and always. Jake is not a giver. He is and still be a stealer sent by Rowan and will always be. Wait and see.

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