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Downton Abbey 4×1: Welcome back to the land of the living, Lady Mary.


Are you one of the 10.9 million viewers (making it the highest-rated premiere for a drama in PBS history) that tuned in for the season 4 premier of Downton Abbey this past Sunday? Up from last years premier (7.9 million viewers) we can certainly say the death of Matthew Crawley brought in some anxious viewers wondering how Lady Mary and the rest of Downton house would cope with the loss. After a two hour episode, we had quite a lot happen in the house, so lets hit the main plot points.

We return to Downton 6 months later, where Mary is playing the depressed widow card after the loss of her beloved Matthew. In turn, the estate is in turmoil over who will be next in line to run Downton. Lord Grantham is (of course) back in command of Downton and on a roll to figure out who will get Matthews portion of the estate. He doesn’t know much, but he does know his daughter needs time to mourn and not deal with such a petty matter as this.

As a viewer, it was really hard for me to watch him throw her to the curb like that. Lady Mary is such a strong character and to see him take advantage of his daughters weakness sort of irked me. Alas, send in Violet and Carson to the rescue!

“Mary, you’ve gone through hideous time. But now you must remember your son. He needs you very much,” she says. “The fact is. You have a straightforward choice before you. You must choose either death or life.”

Its like she knew it worked before she left the room. Oh, Professor Mcgonagall Dowager Countess, you’re the grandmother we’ve all dreamed of.

The next day Lady Mary arrive at luncheon sporting a purple dress, clearly step forward in the right direction. Tom takes Mary’s initiative and runs with it. He knows she is a big player at Downton and needs her if they are to continue to move forward with the changes Matthew had in mind.

In the meantime, Robert receives a package of the late Mr. Crawley’s personal items. Enclosed he finds a letter, a letter that informally bestows everything he has to Mary. Not wanting to upset Mary, Robert thinks it best he doesn’t show Mary so he doesn’t upset her anymore than she already is. Obviously, its because he doesn’t want to give up control. Again to the rescue, Violet sets here son straight and Robert gives the letter to Mary.

“When you talk like that I’m tempted to ring for nanny and have you put to bed with no supper.”



After the letter is deemed legit, Mary has a moment of weakness and runs to Carson to reassure her that she is a badass and has the lady balls to run Downton. (Obviously in a more appropriate way) I have to say, some of my favorite moments on Downton Abbey are shared between Carson and Lady Mary.

The two episodes had very strong main plot line but there were too many small plot lines that took up the brunt of the show. I’m fairly certain they could have compartmentalized the two episodes into one.

What did you think of this weeks episode? Do you miss Lady Mary and Matthew? Personally I think Lady Mary is on to bigger and better things (Carrie and Quinn) but thats just me. 🙂

See you next week ladies and gents!

-Cousin Rose: When is she getting knocked up out of wedlock? Come on, we all know its coming. #SCANDAL

-Thomas, you’re an asshole with the whole Anna thing. But you redeemed yourself with Nanny West. So there….we’re even.

-Did anyone tell Mrs. Patmore to read the instructions on the mixer?

-Edith, can I have your new wardrobe? Also, I don’t think the family is going to approve or your married, future German citizen boyfriend.

-Tom, marry me.


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Woman Crush Wednesday: Julianne Moore Edition, Don Jon Movie Review


This weekend I went with my boyfriend to see Don Jon. My boyfriend is a guys guy and has nothing to do with entertainment, celebrities or the who’s who of Tinsel Town. He turns to me 3/4 of the way through the movie and says, “Who is she? She’s hot!” I smiled (proudly) and told him that its Julianne Moore and she’s 52 years old. His mouth fell open in disbelief.

If you’ve lived under a rock and have yet to watch the Don Jon trailer, the premise of the movie is essentially, “Men think relationships and sex should be like a porno and women think it should be like a romcom.” Scarlett Johansson plays Barbara the “love” of Jon’s (Gordon Levitt) life. What they begin to find out about each other is that Barbara is essentially a princess attempting to find the perfect man to complete her real life romantic comedy, while Jon has an addiction to porn….sex….porn….sex and Barbara is helping fuel the addiction. Barbara makes Jon start taking night classes at a local college to “better” himself. While attending the college he meets Esther (Moore) whom he walks up on while in the midst of miniature meltdown. During the course of the semester Esther tries to make nice with Jon and become a somewhat friend. Little does Jon know, Esther will change his outlook on sex and life in more ways than one.

I love Gordon-Levitt, but while this movie took a completely different direction than 500 Days of Summer, that’s just what it was…500 Days of Summer. Lets break this down:

500 Days of Summer

Addiction: Unrequitted Love – Leading Lady: Summer – Moral Center: Little Sister – Silver Lining: You can’t make someone who isn’t right for you, right for you. – Saving Lady: Autumn

Don Jon

Addiction: Porn – Leading Lady: Barbara – Moral Center: Little Sister – Silver Lining: You can’t make someone who isn’t right for you, right for you. – Saving Lady: Esther

While it does have the same premise as 500 Days, I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone. The stereotype is 100% true and its played out hilariously on screen through Gordon-Levitt’s vision. The wildcard in this movie is by far Julianne Moore which leads me to our Woman Crush of the Week.


Top 3 Reason We Are Girl Crushin’

1.) Seriously, at 52 Years Old, I hope to look half that good.

2.) Have you seen Boogie Nights?

3.) She’s from North Carolina, and ya’ll, we love North Carolina.

Where You Can See Julianne Next…

It was recently released that Moore has been cast in the next Hunger Games movie Mockingjay as President Alma Coin.


Until Next Week…..

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The Civil Wars – Blood Will Be Spilled.


It seems to be a very rare thing today in the music industry for a band to have the amount of chemistry as Joy Williams and John Paul White have. Sadly, that chemistry can come at a cost. In 2012, while riding the wave of success from Barton Hollow the band took a hiatus citing “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition.” As we all know, some of the best bands will take a hiatus and come back better than ever, (Foo Fighters rings a bell) however, this hiatus seemed more of a break-up, break-up. After months of hoping, this spring the band went to Twitter to announce that they would be back in the late summer with a new album titled The Civil Wars. (Can’t say we didn’t see that one coming.) Needless to say, we here at RPW couldn’t be more excited about the news.


The album speaks for itself as to what may or may not have happen with the band over the course of time that the album was being made. The lead single “The One That Got Away” released a few weeks back, oozes the palpable chemistry Williams and White share as two singers and songwriters…even if they can stand the sight of looking at each other. “I Had Me a Girl,” one of the toughest, more gritty songs the band has ever written, lends itself to probably the strongest track on the album. “Tell Mama” is one of the lighter tracks on the album (if there is such a thing) reminding us of the lighthearted days of Barton Hollow.

If there is a band out there we hope works the bad blood out of its system, its The Civil Wars. However, if blood must be spilled, we hope its in the form of a third album.

The Civil Wars is advanced streaming their sophomore album online for free. Check it out here. The album drops August 6th.


The Weekly Netflix Recommendation


Okay, Okay, Okay. I know, we’ve totally been slacking on the Weekly Netflix Post lately, but good news is, we’re back.

This week’s pick:

Orange is the New Black


“Orange is the New Black is the story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to 15 months in prison after she is convicted of a decade old crime of transporting money for her drug dealing girlfriend (Laura Prepon).”

Jenji Kohan is back and boy are we glad. If you, like us, have felt like there is a part of your soul missing without our weekly rendezvous with Nancy Botwin, you’re in luck. Kohan hit the nail on the dose of the crazy head yet again. Rather than sit here and discuss all the minute details of the show, I’m just going to go ahead and make your weekend plans for you. You, Netflix and 13 episodes of Comedic bliss….Saturday or Sunday your call. (I highly recommend a 12 pack of your favorite brew and a koozie to cozy up to as a welcomed guest.)

Here’s a quick breakdown of what makes us sad we have to wait a whole year for season 2.

The Supporting Cast.

Also, has anyone else noticed the resemblance between Crazy Eye’s and Roger from Sister, Sister?



Prison is just like high school….but so much weirder.

All the Emotional Baggage

Will They? Won’t they? Are They? Aren’t They?

(This clip is a little long, but…enjoy the crazy!)

Not Up for Orange is the New Black? Here’s some other recommendations to get you through the week. (And a few to stay away from.)

  • House of Cards
  • New Girl
  • Everything Must Go

What to Avoid

  • The Paperboy
  • What to Expect When your Expecting
  • Jeff Who Lives at Home

Happy Watching!

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Lauren Cohan, Our Un-Dead Girl Crush of the Week

Girl Crush of the Week: Lauren Cohan


Top 3 Reasons Why We Are Girl Crushin’

1.) She is the only female character on ‘The Walking Dead‘ that doesn’t drive us NUTS.

2.) She always found a way to bring out the best in Damon on ‘The Vampire Diaries

3.) She can do some serious work with a machete.


So…Why Does She Look So Familiar?

If you live under a rock and haven’t been watching ‘The Walking Dead(Ahem, Elizabeth Bond),

Lauren shows up in Season 2 as Maggie Greene, Hershel’s oldest daughter and love interest of Glenn.


Guys, you probably have a girlfriend who watches ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Lauren played Rosea vampire, servant of Klaus, and the best friend of Trevor…..etc…etc…etc…


Where You Can See Lauren Next…

Serving up plate of zombie heads on Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead,’ which returns this fall on AMC.


See-ya Next Week Boys….

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RPW Girl Crush of the Week

Dear Readers of the Male Persuasion,

We hear you and we totally get it. So now…the equivalent to ‘Monday Man Candy‘ has arrived.

Girl Crush of the Week: Natalie Dormer

Top 3 Reasons Why We Are Girl Crushin’
1.) Badass is written somewhere on her resume.
2.) Her characters always have the greatest wardrobes.
3.) Seriously, ladies would kill for her body.
So…Why does she look so familiar?
She constantly had King Henry VIII wound up in ‘The Tudors.’ That is, until he chopped her head off.
Anne Boleyn: [Henry sticks his hand up her dress] Not like this.
King Henry VIII: How then?
Anne Boleyn: Seduce me. Write letters to me. And poems, I love poems. Ravish me with your words. Seduce me.


Oh, you like Superheroes? So does Natalie, she was in ‘Captain America.’

Last but not least, if you are a ‘Game of Thrones‘ fan, you’ve probably noticed her as King Joffrey’s bride to be, Margaery Tyrell.
Natalie’s next project is ‘Rush‘ co-starring Chris Hemsworth.

‘Rush’ hits Theaters this Fall.