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For Anyone Who Wants to Let ‘Frozen’ Go Away

frozen[My face everytime I see another damn ‘Frozen’ post on Facebook]

I don’t know about you but I have had enough of ‘Frozen.’  Sure, it was a visually-appealing Disney movie with yet another Princess story and yet another adorable sidekick (Olaf, you are the man).  But really, when you think about, the message in the movie is creepy, backwards, and downright strange [as are most Disney movies].  Conceal, don’t feel?  Do we really want the youth of America hiding away in a room for their entire childhood, afraid to be who are they are?  I think not, Disney, I think not. Below you will find a perfect summation of why parents really need to let go of ‘Frozen.’

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“Girl Meets World” Officially Ordered to Series


Fans of Cory & Topanga, start celebrating because it’s official – Disney has ordered ‘Girl Meets World’ to series. After early word dropped last fall about a possible sequel to the ’90s smash-sitcom, ‘Boy Meets World’, Disney has finally confirmed that GMW will begin production this summer with a series premiere date set for early 2014.

‘Girl Meets World’ will feature Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, and Bill Daniels in their reprised roles of Cory & Topanga Matthews and Mr. Feeny. This time around, the story will center on Cory and Topanga’s 7th grade daughter, Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), and her adventures in middle school with her best friend, Maya (Sabrina Carpenter). Riley’s teacher is none other than Cory, implying that Mr. Feeny’s influence on the young Mr. Matthews, both during the show and in the years following the series finale of BMW, was immense. ‘Girl Meets World’ promises to deliver the same fun-loving, feel-good, family oriented messages that everyone came to know, love, and expect from ‘Boy Meets World.’ But Ben Savage wants to remind us that this is a sequel, not a remake. “We’re not trying to do a reunion of ‘Boy Meets World.’ ‘Boys Meets World’ meant a lot to a lot of people growing up and we want to give that to a new generation,” Ben told E! News at the ATX Television Festival last week.

There has been no word of any other ‘Boy Meets World’ favorites returning to the small screen – think Shawn, Uncle Eric, or Angela – but with photos like this leaking from the set, a girl can dream, right?

twitter-instagram-GirlMeetsWorld-jpg_224535From Left to Right: Ryder Strong (Shawn), Sabrina Carpenter (Maya), Rowan Blanchard (Riley), Will Friedle (Eric)


Rider Strong and Sabrina Carpenter
aka Cory and Riley’s BFFs

Be sure to follow RPW for all things ‘Girl Meets World.’ We’ll be covering the premiere and new season in 2014.

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Lizzie McGuire Returns to Television

Disney Fans – keep on celebratinog! Lizzie McGuire is returning to television! Well, sort of.


News broke yesterday that Hilary Duff is set to guest star on the season finale of Two & a Half Men. Lizzie, oops I mean Hilary!, will be playing Stacey, a woman who catches the eye of Ashton Kutcher’s character, Walden. However, in an [odd] twist of fate, Walden will ultimately fall in love with Stacey’s grandmother, who will be portrayed by Marilu Henner. This is Hilary Duff’s first appearance on TV since she gave birth to her 11-month old son, Luca.


The season finale will air this spring. You can catch new episodes of Two & a Half Man on Thursdays at 8:30 on CBS, and reruns of Lizzie McGuire on YouTube.

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‘Girl Meets World’ & Dreams Come True

William Daniels, aka Mr. Feeny on 'Boy Meets World.'

It’s happening. My dreams are coming true. Cory and Topanga are returning to the small screen with their children in Disney’s upcoming series, Girl Meets World. That’s not the only good news. THE STARS HAVE ALLIGNED and George Feeny is also returning! That’s right, people. William Daniels has confirmed he will be reprising the role of our beloved Mr. Feeny. We are unsure of his capacity on the show quite yet. But, we know that Cory is following in his mentors footsteps and becoming a history teacher, so maybe we will soon see Mr. Matthews reporting to Principal Feeny?

Only time will tell, but perhaps this news will soon be followed by news that Uncle Eric and Shawn will also be joining the cast? A girl can dream. Until then, it’s time to warm up my vocal chords because I have some calling to do!