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Sizing Up Season 17 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’


It’s that time again!  Break out the sparkles, cue the orchestra, and bring on the hip grinding because the cast for the 17th season (holy cow, seventeen seasons) of Dancing with the Stars has been announced.

The 17th season will only air once a week to make room in the ABC line-up for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The biggest change to the format will be in the voting.  Each week, viewers will still vote for their favorite performance but a couple will be eliminated at the end of the episode by combining the judges’ scores of that night and the public’s votes from the previous week.  The celebraquarium will move next to the judges table so that Brooke Burke will interview the couples before their performance, rather than after.  There will still be musical guests and performances, just towards the end of the season when there is more time available in the show.

This has to be one of the best line-ups to date.  Several cast members were picked because of their connection to a millennial audience and I’m totally falling for it.  I can’t wait to watch!  Also, majority of these performers have a background in choreographed dancing so expect the competition to be stiff.  Let’s size up the cast:


Bill Nye the Science Guy, with new dancer Tyne Stecklein
Aw, I’m sure he’ll be sweet but probably a little awkward on the floor.  As a kid of the 90s, I’m insanely excited for this.  I hope he wears a lab coat.

Brant Daugherty (Pretty Little Liars, Army Wives), with Peta Murgatroyd
Hello gorgeous!  Maybe I should start watching Pretty Little Liars.  He doesn’t seem to have much of a dancing background but I’m sure that strong jawline will get him through at least a few weeks.

Jack Osbourne, reality TV star, with Cheryl Burke
I’m sure Jack won’t have the same natural ability as his sister Kelly, but you never know, he may surprise us.  Either way, I expect his performances to be heartfelt and touching.  Also, it will be great to see Ozzy and Sharon back in the audience!

Bill Engvall (The Bill Engvall Show) with former troupe member Emma Slater
Perfect contestant for the TV audience, votes will get him far but I doubt he’ll be a strong dancer.

Keyshawn Johnson, former NFL wide receiver, with Sharna Burgess
NFL players ALWAYS do well.  We know he’ll have great feet, can he move them? 

Corbin Bleu (High School Musical), with Karina Smirnoff
A High School Musical alum?  He’ll be impressive, for sure.  And this guy is already familiar with the ballroom.  I can’t wait to see what Karina does with his natural talent.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (Jersey Shore), with former troupe member Sasha Farber
Something you have to remember about Snooki is that cheerleading background, she knows how to use her body and follow choreography.  Don’t count her out.

Christina Milian, singer/actor, with Mark Ballas
She knows how to follow choreography from her days as a pop star, Mark Ballas is sure to bring that out.

Elizabeth Berkley (Showgirls), with Val Chmerkovskiy
Jessie Spano!  Before her days on Saved by the Bell Berkley was a classically trained dancer, and we can’t forget about Showgirl.  She knows how to move and with Val as her partner, it’s guaranteed to be steamy.

Amber Riley (Glee), with Derek Hough
And the award for most adorable couple goes to…
Remember all that ridiculous choreography Riley had to master as a Troubletone on Glee?  She knows how to follow choreography and seems to have a lot of enthusiasm; we all know that’s enough for Derek.

Leah Remini (King of Queens), with Tony Dovolani
She’ll be sassy but I don’t expect much dancing talent.

Valerie Harper (Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda) Tristan MacManus
She was a dancer on Broadway before moving to the small screen and she’s CURRENTLY battling terminal cancer.  She’s got a lot of fight and is passionate about life.  I think she’ll be good.


Team Rock Paper Watch, place your bets!

Elizabeth’s Pick to Win—Corbin Blue
Elizabeth’s First to Get the Boot—Bill Nye

Jenn’s Pick to Win – Elizabeth Berkley (It’s gotta be a sign that my favorite star on the cast is with my favorite dancer again. And third times a charm right?)
Jenn’s First to Get the Boot – Bill Nye

Ashley’s Pick to Win – Keyshawn Johnson & Sharna Burgess. I don’t like that they’ve brought in so many people with dancing backgrounds this season. My vote is for the underdog!
Ashley’s First to Get the Boot – Bill Engvall….I mean, who is this guy? At least Bill Nye has legions of fans…young fans, which is what they are trying to attract this season right?

Who are you pulling for?  How do you think the new format affect ratings?  Is the voting fair?


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Sexy Alert! Kellie Pickler features Derek Hough in her New Music Video for ‘Someone Somewhere Tonight’

Kellie Pickler Derek Hough

Dancing with the Stars champion Kellie Pickler isn’t ready to hang up her dancing shoes just yet, and can you blame her?  We haven’t been shy about our love for the country singer (and fellow North Carolina girl), her steamy new video just proves she’s a force to be reckoned with.  The video for ‘Someone Somewhere Tonight’ is simple and elegant (much like the song).  It’s the best use of post-DWTS dancing ever (we’re looking at you Kirstie Alley).  If this is where Pickler’s career is heading, bring it on!  I can’t wait to see more.  Click below for the video.

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Why I keep watching Dancing With The Stars…


In recent seasons, Dancing with the Stars has seen a decline in ratings, so much so that they are canceling the Tuesday result show next season.  Results will air Monday night.  I have watched Dancing with the Stars since the very beginning and LOVED it.  I can’t even call it a guilty pleasure, it’s more like an obsession.  Why, you ask?  Every now and then there is a routine that just takes your breath away.  The right choreography can turn me into an emotional wreck.  I know, Derek Hough ALWAYS wins.  But damn.  How could he not after this freestyle routine with Carolina girl Kellie Pickler?!  The contemporary routine is below, get your tissues.

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Top 10 Moments of the 2013 Nurses Ball

Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard that General Hospital celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary last week. The show celebrated by throwing an epic celebration – the 2013 Nurses Ball. For anyone who doesn’t watch GH, you may not know why this is SO FANTASTIC. So here is a little GH history lesson for you.

Back in the ’90s, General Hospital made a decision to confront the HIV/AIDs epidemic head on. This was a questionable and controversial move, because no other soap opera had dealt with such a topic. So, they introduced Stone Cates, a young, TDH (tall dark & handsome) man, onto the show and he fell wildly in love with the young and innocent Robin Scorpio. Hearts broke as Stone succumbed to the disease and Robin learned that she was HIV positive. But Robin didn’t let her diagnosis hinder her future. She became a wildly successful doctor, wife, and mother. She even started the Nurses Ball in 1994. The Nurses Ball was an annual event held to help raise money and awareness for HIV and AIDs. But, due to the enormous budget that this sort of event requires for production, the Nurses Ball hasn’t happened since 2001. Robin has since “passed away” (we know as an audience that she’s still alive but everyone in Port Charles thinks she’s dead). So, in honor of Robin Scorpio, Nurse Sabrina Santiago and Lucy Coe worked their magic to resurrect the Ball and there was no better way to celebrate GH50.

The 2013 Nurses Ball was great soapy-fun. It was hilarious, entertaining, and stocked full of drama and excitement. So in honor of GH50, here are the Top 10 moments of the Nurses Ball, so you can relive the magic all over again. And if you missed it, here’s a little recap of the best parts of the Ball!

  • 10. Carly and Brenda’s Food Fight
    Everyone’s favorite enemies, Carly Jax and Brenda Barrett, were seated at the same table. This sort of arrangement promises trouble, and it came in the form of a food fight! I don’t think I’ll ever forget the image of Brenda pegging Carly in the back of the head with a roll!


  • 9. Sam and Anton’s Ball Room Dance
    DWTS sexy stud muffin, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, guest-starred on GH50 as the super talented choreographer, Anton. He danced with DWTS alum, Kelly Monaco. All I can say is, hubba hubba!
  • 8. Anna Devane & Duke Lavery’s Tango (and then kiss!)
    History was re-made as Anna & Duke shared this magical moment all over again.
    Side note – Finola Hughes is a professional dancer and she rocked this tango. Do we have a future DWTS champion in the making?


  • 7. “Call Me Maybe” with Sabrina & Emma
    Emma=Adorable. Enough said.
  • 6. Felicia Finally Picks Mac, and Pops the Question!!
    The Aztec Princess had a tough choice on her hands – rockstar and FBI-hottie Frisco or her solid rock and partner-for-life, Mac. Thankfully, she made the right choice!


  • 5. Jack Wagner Singing…Enough Said
    Ladies of the Eighties, Enjoy! Jack Wagner’s “All I Need” will knock you off your feet 😉
  • 4. Lucy Coe In her Skivvies with Richard Simmons
    It’s tradition – Lucy Coe always ends up on stage in her underwear. We all just wondered how they would do it this year and the answer = Richard Simmons coming out of the closet. Check out 55 year old Lynn Herring’s abs of steel!


  • 3. The Belle of the Ball Lands Her Man!
    The make-over we’ve all been waiting for finally happened and Sabrina went from dorky-student nurse to the gorgeous Belle of the Ball. AND, she finally landed her dream man, Dr. Patrick Drake. YOU GO GIRL!


  • 2. Rick Springfield’s “Jesse’s Girl”
    Resident Dr. Noah Drake sure does look a lot like Rick Springfield! After keeping his acting and musical careers completely separate, Rick Springfield finally sings on GH and the performance was well worth the wait.
  • 1. The Men of General Hospital (Striptease Style)
    By far, the best moment of the whole thing was the performance by Magic Milo and his group of delicious men! Enjoy this Magic Mike-inspired performance! Oh, and they drop trow at 3:01. You’re welcome!

So there you have it. The 2013 Nurses Ball was an event to remember. I’m already counting down for the next one!

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JWOWW is headed to WHERE?!

This. Just. In.


Jenni Farley, better known as JWOWW from MTV’s Jersey Shore, is headed to Llanview, Pennsylvania! ABC Soap’s in Depth reported yesterday that JWOWW has landed a recurring role on the new relaunch of One Life to Live. Jenni will be playing Nikki, a bartender hired to work in Blair Cramer’s nightclub, Shelter.

Funny joke, right?


But it’s no joke! And we’re not sure what’s scarier. America’s Spray-Tan Jersey Queen acting on a daytime soap opera, or Andy Dick dancing on Dancing with the Stars.

One Life to Live will begin airing again on April 29, 2013. Thirty-minute episodes will be viewable for free on