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“Jesse and the Rippers” Reunite on Fallon


Ladies, set those DVR’s because the reunion we’ve been waiting for is happening tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Rumors began buzzing that John Stamos and his band from his glory days on Full House were reuniting when a new Twitter account named Jesse Katsopolis (@jessandtheripp) emerged in June, and began tweeting photos of Stamos and the band in their infamous leather vests, mullets, and red blazer ensembles.


Then, the rumor mill really started racing after Stamos released a short video on his Instagram account showing the band recording the Full House theme song with the caption, “Never thought I’d be singing THIS song.”  Finally, People magazine confirmed that Jesse and the Rippers will be back on stage tonight on LNJF!  RPW has just one thing to say about this – Thank you, thank you very much!  Now, we just hope that we can hear some of our all time favorites like “Forever,” “Michelle Smiling,” and maybe a little Beach Boys mash up for old times sake.

Here’s a little Friday treat to help get your through the rest of the day.  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs tonight on NBC at 12:35.

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Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ with a Twist

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie.


Our favorite late-night funnyman played a game that is close to our hearts last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Rock Paper Scissors Pie!  Jimmy challenged featured guest, Cruella De Vil Glenn Close, to an ultimate round of Rock Paper Scissors with the loser receiving a pie in the face.  Watch the hilarious game unfold below.

Our favorite part – Glenn does the infamous laugh.


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John Krasinski, Jimmy Fallon Lip-Sync Off


In honor of the final two episodes of The Office, which air tonight and next week at 9pm on NBC, John Krasinski stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. Their interview game is almost too funny for words — John Krasinski challenged Jimmy Fallon to a Lip-Sync Battle, 8-Mile style.  Each contestant got to choose three of their own songs, and try to out perform the other.  What went down next is lip-syncing history…

RPW’s Winner = John Krasinski

His renditions of Katy Perry and Boys II Men remind us why Pam is the luckiest girl in the world.  You can make love to us whenever you want, Jim 😉

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Jimmy Fallon to Officially Replace Jay Leno

It’s official, after weeks of speculation, Jimmy Fallon will take over The Tonight Show at the end of Jay Leno’s contract in Spring 2014.

The official announcement comes after weeks of snarky monologues from Leno.  In one in particular, Leno discussed the news report of a Canadian man who had a knife pulled from his back after three years.  Leno quipped, “He must have worked at NBC, too.”

Earlier this week, Fallon and Leno addressed the rumors in song.  The skit was awkward for everyone, including viewers.

Moving Fallon to The Tonight Show is for NBC.  Fallon attracts a younger demographic, always has headline-grabbing guest appearances (Michelle Obama, Justin Timberlake), and has the best house band on TV (love The Roots).  Jimmy Fallon is the Johnny Carson of our generation and I think he’ll own The Tonight Show.

Are excited to see Fallon takeover?  Who do you think will host The Late Show?

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Happy Cluckin’ Easter!

Happy Cluckin’ Easter from our family to yours!!

We thought you’d enjoy this performance by Jimmy Fallon and the Cluckineers on this beautiful Easter Sunday. Last week, Jimmy Fallon, Blake Shelton, Nick Offerman, and the editor of Late Night clucked this version of The Lumineer’s Ho Hey and we can’t get enough!

Everyone at Rock Paper Watch wishes you a Safe and Happy Easter!