‘Game of Thrones’ Mystery – Who Killed [SPOILER]?

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS from Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones. DO NOT READ if you haven’t watched “The Lion and the Rose.”

Let’s go over what we know. King Joffrey Baratheon [finally] met his maker during his wedding to Margaery Tyrell aka the Purple Wedding on Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones. After consuming some wine, courtesy of his Cupbearer, and indulging on the Pigeon Pie, Joffrey began to choke. His choking quickly escalated until he suffocated and died. But Joffrey didn’t just choke to death – it was too quick, too painful, too brutal. Joffrey was poisoned, and Cersei knows it. Now the big question is who killed the King? We break down our list of suspects below.

Olenna Tyrell


Lady Olenna has the means, the motive, and the opportunity. She despises Tywin; she wants to protect her granddaughter from the twisted Joffrey; she provided all of the food and drink for the wedding, making the pie and/or wine all the easier to poison. During the Purple Wedding, she flitted around the High Table and fiddled with Sansa’s hair and necklace; the same peculiar necklace that was given to Sansa by Ser Dantos, the fool from GOT 4×1. One of our RPW writers noticed an interesting fact – when Sansa first wore the necklace, it sported seven purple jewels. After Lady Olenna played with her hair, there were only six crystals hanging from the necklace. Did Olenna swipe a crystal filled with poison? Is she in cahoots with Dantos?

Who killed Joffrey Baratheon?

Who killed Joffrey Baratheon?

It doesn’t help Olenna’s case that she also gave sage advice to Sansa during their chat. “War is war, but killing a man at a wedding, horrid. What sort of monster would do such a thing?” In the GOT world, things aren’t usually spelled out so clearly but when murdering a king, what better way to avoid suspicion? Killed Joffrey: Highly Likely

Oberyn Martell


“The Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts,” said Oberyn to Tyrion during our Season 4 opener. We know that Oberyn isn’t in Kings Landing for a friendly hello. He’s here for revenge. Oberyn’s sister was Elia Martell, wife to Rhagaer Targaryen. During the war, the Lannisters sacked King’s Landing killing Elia and her children. Rumor has it, Elia was raped by the Mountain and then split in half. If this is the case, Oberyn holds the Lannister’s, specifically Tywin, directly responsible for the death of his family members.

Wouldn’t killing Joffrey be an eye for an eye? Killed Joffrey: Highly likely

Tyrion Lannister


Cersei’s #1 suspect is her baby brother, but did Tyrion really poison his nephew? We all know Tyrion hates Joffrey and that all Lannisters pay their debts. And Tyrion definitely owes Cersei quite a few debts at this point (Shae, his wedding to Sansa, just to name a couple). But is Tyrion stupid enough to poison his nephew at a public gathering, especially after he made numerous threats [including the most recent one in GOT 3×10] on Joffrey’s life in front of the Small Council? I doubt it. Many can argue that Tyrion was the last person to give Joffrey his wine cup, but Tyrion had no way to anticipate being made a fool of by his uncle in such fashion. If Tyrion is the culprit, he must’ve been carrying poison around for weeks waiting for an ideal moment. But to me, that’s still too far-fetched. Killed Joffrey: Not Likely

Tywin Lannister

Charles Dance is a man for austere seasons in Game of Thrones

Let’s face it, Joffrey was like a wild dog that Tywin was trying to keep on a leash. With him out of the picture, the Iron Throne passes to Joffrey’s younger (and easier to control) brother. This means that Tywin is back in charge. And we know he fancies killing people at weddings. But, is the man cold blooded enough to kill his own (horrible) grandson? From a war perspective, it’s not a very smart move since it makes the Throne seem weak. Killed Joffrey: Sort of likely

Sansa Stark


If having reasons to kill Joffrey was a contest, Sansa would win. He was responsible for killing her direwolf. He killed her father. He repeatedly humiliated her in public. He tortured her endlessly. His family was responsible for the death of her mother and brother. Then he pushes her off to his uncle. If the poison was in the cup, Sansa was indeed the last to hand it to Tyrion. But would Sansa have the guts to kill Joffrey? It’s not likely. She’s always been too terrified of him to act. Killed Joffrey: Really Not likely

Margaery Tyrell


Sure she’s marrying a psychopath and may want to protect her own skin. Yes, she did feed the pie to Joffrey but Margaery is such a public relations expert that I doubt she would willingly kill off her second husband. I mean, the girl is now two for two. She’s got two dead husbands and is officially damaged goods. Who’s going to want to marry her now? Killed Joffrey: Really Not likely

Cersei Lannister


Bottom line, Cersei hates Tyrion. She so quickly pointed the finger at Tyrion, some would assume she orchestrated the death of Joffrey to take Tyrion out herself. You can even argue that Cersei so self-motivated, she saw married-Joffrey as a threat whom she could no longer control.  She could have orchestrated his death just to retain her own power.  But wouldn’t it have been easier to kill Sansa? I mean, two birds with one stone. Also, the Lannisters aren’t ones to act impulsively and killing your own son would be pretty impulsive. And as much as Cersei hates Tyrion, she loved Joffrey more. Throughout his reign, she was constantly trying to steer him in the right direction and make him a good leader (not possible). Killed Joffrey: Really Not likely



While the Red Priestess was not present at the Purple Wedding, we can’t write her off as a suspect just yet. Recall in Game of Thrones Season 3×8 “Second Sons,” Melisandre tossed leeches filled with Gendry’s blood into a fire calling for the Lord of Light to kill Robb Stark, Joffrey Baratheon, and Baelon Greyjoy as usurpers. Two of those men have now met their end. Can we give Melisandre credit for these deaths, or is it mere coincidence? If I were Baelon Greyjoy, I’d be very careful. Killed Joffrey: Not Likely

On a similar note, WHERE IS GENDRY? gendrymoving


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Countdown to GOT Season 3 – #2

#2 Tyrion Lannister – “I much like my head. I don’t want to see it removed just yet.”


Our countdown is almost over and I hate to admit that I’m happy about that fact. That’s only because it means we will finally be watching a new episode!! It feels like an eternity since I’ve done that.

And I digress. Our #2 quote in our countdown for most anticipated moments of Season 3 comes from Tyrion Lannister. I have to admit, this is my favorite character in Westeros. It shocks me considering how I feel about everyone he’s related to, but I think most people would agree that Tyrion Lannister is The Man. So when we found Tyrion in a small and dirty chamber, stripped of his titles and powers, I was shocked and upset. How could Tywin not recognize that Tyrion saved the city? Without Tyrion, King’s Landing would have fallen before Tywin showed up and we would have a Baratheon sitting on the Iron Throne [not that I’d mind, but where’s the fun in that?]

We all know what happened to the last two Hands of the King. Recap – one killed by mother, the other by son. What will that mean for Tyrion? We already know that Cersei hates him, and I think Joffrey would execute him if he slapped him one more time (you can see the slap at 44 seconds!). So, my third most anticipated moment of GOT Season 3 is finding out if Tyrion keeps his head. I sure do hope so, because I’d like to see Tyrion get back into the game. He was better at playing it than anyone short of Lord Varys, no pun intended. Tyrion is smart, savvy, and somehow manages to stay one step ahead of everyone. He’s even managed to keep Shae alive, despite Cersei’s attempts at her life.

I could probably write a novel about how much I love Peter Dinklage. Instead, I’ll keep it simple. Recall the scene where Tyrion made the decision to lead the charge against Stannis after Joffrey fled the battle. His script called for him to declare that he’d lead the charge one time. Instead, Peter decided to ad-lib with the second line – the first one quiet as if making the personal revelation that he’d do it, the second one firm asserting his power and confirming his choice. It was the perfect addition, and it captures everything I love about this actor as Tyrion. He is perfect.

So, what will happen to Lord Tyrion this season? Will he survive in King’s Landing? Will Cersei discover the real Shae? Can Tyrion return to his former glory or will he decide to leave it all behind and flee?

We do know that Tyrion owes Cersei. And I can’t wait to see him pay her back. And I’d bet we can count on that happening soon, since a Lannister always pays his debts.

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Countdown to GOT Season 3 – #7

#7 Margaery Tyrell – “No, I want to be THE Queen.”

Margaery & Joffrey

I swear, whenever I think of this scene in GOT Season 2, where Margarery Tyrell shares with Petyr Baelish her ambitions for becoming Queen, I still get the goosebumps! And now that King Joffrey has taken Margaery as his betrothed, we will finally get to see Margaery Tyrell in all her glory. So, my 7th most anticipated moment of GOT Season 3 is seeing how Margaery Tyrell handles herself now that she is in King’s Landing.

I enjoy Margaery Tyrell because I feel as if she is a breath of fresh air. The women of Westeros have all proven to be of the same mold – highborn ladies who are trained in the skills of femininity, then betrothed to a great Knight or King, and sent away from home against their wishes. They are then wed, bear children, and raise them from the safety of their new castles. Queen Cersei, Lady Stark, Lady Arryn, even Sansa Stark, proved to follow that path. Arya Stark broke the mold a bit, but her story was greatly altered after her father was executed. For Arya, the game is survival. But for Margaery, the game is, and always has been, ambition. Margaery is after one thing and one thing only – becoming the Queen of Westeros – and she won’t let anything stand in her way. I think she proved that when she knowingly wed her brother’s lover, Renly. Margaery sort of reminds me of Dany in this sense, but Dany was ripped from Westeros and she has the Blood of the Dragon, so the conqueror within her is more expected. Margaery Tyrell, however, is more like the men of Westeros. She has aspirtations for power and she will marry whomever, and do [whomever] whatever, to get what she wants.

Perhaps what I am more interested in seeing is the dynamic between Jack Gleeson’s King Joffrey and Natalie Dormer’s Margaery. I am a fan of both of these actors. Both Jack and Natalie have proven to be SO good at being bad. Being a fan of The Tudors, when I saw her on screen for the first time in GOT, I literally jumped for joy. Now I am curious to see the chemistry between them and the evolution of their relationship. Fans of the show are already aware of Joffrey’s demented behavior, and his apparent lack of interest in women. But, fair Margaery has only heard stories of Joffrey and may not realize exactly what she has gotten herself into it. Will she come to love Joffrey as her king and her husband, or will she regret her choice and try to escape?

One thing is for sure, Natalie Dormer is a phenomenal actress who fully embodies her characters and provides depth and intensity. She has burst into King’s Landing with ferocity and has caused quite a stir. With a more pivotal role in Season 3 (which hopefully translates into more screen time!), we can look forward to great acting and mouth-watering drama, it is known!

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Countdown to GOT Season 3 – #8

#8 Sandor Clegane “The Hound” – “F**k the King’s Guard, f**k the city, f**k the King.”


Frightening us in the eighth position is King Joffrey’s old bodyguard, Sandor Clegane, aka the Hound, played by Rory McCann. Joffrey’s Dog has been terrorizing people on his behalf for two seasons but in GOT Season 3, we see a change for the Hound. As many may fondly recall from GOT Season 2 Episode 9, the Hound left King’s Landing after experiencing a brief panic attack during the Battle of Blackwater Bay. My 8th most anticipated moment of GOT Season 3 is to see where the Hound ends up after he flees the capitol.

The Hound’s departure of King’s Landing is more important than it may seem. King Joffrey’s power as a ruler stemmed heavily from fear of the wrath of his Dog. Now that the Hound is gone, and the King’s Guard is being controlled by Cersei and Tywin, Joffrey is in a bit of a sticky situation. In addition, the Hound was the one thing that stood between Joffrey and Sansa. Now that Sansa is no longer the King’s betrothed, and she has no one left to protect her, what will she do? I still wonder what Lady Sansa was thinking when she refused the rare but sweet offer of help that the Hound offered. That decision may prove to come back and haunt Sansa this season.

Questions to consider when you’re up at night thinking of GOT:
1. Will Sandor Clegane still remain loyal to the Lannisters, along with his brother, or could he possibly bend the knee to the King in the North?
2. Will the Hound seek revenge for the scars on his face caused by the Mountain That Rides?
3. Does the Hound truly enjoy killing as much as he says he does, or was that a fear tactic?

In honor of the Hound’s service to King Joffrey, here are some of his best quotes from Season 1 and Season 2:

“If any man dies with a clean sword, I’ll rape his f**king corpse!”
―Sandor Clegane leading his troops in the Battle of Blackwater

“The Butcher’s boy, you ran him down?”
―Ned Stark
“He ran, not very fast..”
―The Hound

“Does it give you joy to scare people.”
―Sansa Stark
“No, it gives me joy to kill people.”
―The Hound

“I lost half my men. The Blackwater is on fire.”
―Sandor Clegane to King Joffrey

One thing is for sure, as long as we see the Hound on screen, audiences can count on blood, guts, and glory!

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Countdown to GOT Season 3 – #9

#9 Joffrey Baratheon – “I’ll give him a red smile, from ear to ear.”

King Joffrey

Reigning in at #9 is King Joffrey Baratheon, or maybe that should be King Joffrey Lannister. Regardless, we all know that King Joffrey will play a very pivotal role in GOT Season 3. The beautiful Sansa Stark is still his captive in King’s Landing, and the two are now joined by Margaery Tyrell. This excites me because we will finally get to see the budding chemistry that was present in ‘Valar Morghulis’ between Jack Gleeson and Natalie Dormer, and whether or not Lady Stark will survive the Lannisters.

Perhaps what excites me the most about this season is the new relationship between the King, the Queen Regent, and the new Hand of the King. We have seen the contempt that is felt from Lord Tywin toward his grandson, but it has never been confronted face to face (with the exception of the brief scene in the finale). How will this translate into the Small Counsel? Something tells me that Lord Tywin will not enjoy bending the knee to his seventeen-year-old demented grandchild. We can count on one thing for sure – a change in the balance of power. As Lord Varys stated, half of the King’s Guard is loyal to Cersei, while the other half to her father. Where will that leave King Joffrey? And, more important, how will this bode for poor Sansa, especially now that our Little Dove has no Dog to protect her?

Jack Gleeson has proved to be a great actor. He embodies King Joffrey as a twisted soul and he has shown us repeatedly that he has no mercy. I am so thrilled for the potential that is presented to Jack Gleeson this season. Not only does he get to court the beautiful Margaery Tyrell, which will lend itself to wonderful scenes with Natalie Dormer, but Jack will be able to dance with the magnificent Charles Dance. Charles Dance has brought Lord Tywin to life in a way that wasn’t thought possible. It’s as if George R.R. Martin based Lord Tywin off of Dance. We have seen magic between Charles Dance and Maisie Williams, and I think Jack Gleeson will only add to that magic. If you add Lena Headey or Peter Dinklage to that mix, we are in for quite a treat.

Questions to Keep in Mind:

1. Will King Joffrey find out the truth about his true father?
2. For readers, where will the season cut off? Will we see the impending wedding of King Joffrey?
3. Will King Joffrey ever fulfill his promise of giving Robb Stark’s head to Lady Sansa?
4. Who will King Joffrey find to replace the ferocious Hound?

One thing is for sure, as long as The False King Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne, we will be in for drama, deception, and danger!