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Top 10 Moments from Game of Thrones 3×7 “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

In Game of Thrones episode 3×7 ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ we actually got a bear, and a (sort of) maiden fair.  Oh, and everyone is in love.  Instead of a recap this week, we are counting down our favorite moments of the episode.

#10 Love vs. Loyalty

It seems that everyone is struggling between love and loyalty.  Jon Snow is falling in love with Ygritte, but wanting to remain loyal to the Night’s Watch.  Ygritte is realizing that eventually she’s going to have to choose between Jon Snow and the Wildlings (I think she’ll choose Snow, once she realizes the Wildlings don’t really stand a chance).  Robb has abandoned his loyalty to Frey for his love for Talisa.  Tyrion is struggling between his love for Shae and his loyalty to his family.


#9 Gendry finds out he’s royalty

Melisandre:  Your blood is noble.
Gendry:  Are you saying my father, he was some lord or…
Melisandre:  There. Your father’s house. (pointing to the Red Keep)
Gendry:  I’m just a bastard.
Melisandre:  The bastard of Robert of the House Baratheon, first of his name, King of Andals and the First Men.  Haven’t you ever wondered where your strength comes from?  Your talent for fighting?


#8 Girl talk with Margaery and Sansa

Margaery helps Sansa understand a little bit about the birds and the bees as they discuss her upcoming nuptials to Tyrion.

“Some women like tall men. Some like short men. Some like hairy men, some like bald men. Gentle men, rough men, ugly men, pretty men. Pretty girls. Most women don’t know what they like until they’ve tried it. And sadly so many of us get to try so little before we’re old and gray.”

The best part was when Sansa asked Margaery how she knew all this?  “Yes, sweet girl, my mother taught me.”  Sweet girl aka dumb girl.


#7 Joffrey is actually right

Joffrey and Tywin have a bit of a showdown, each assert their dominance.  Tywin wins of course, but Joffrey is right when you think about it.  He should be briefed on the small council.  And, he’s the only one showing any concern about the impending threat of Dany and her dragons.

best--game-of-throne (1)

#6 Ygritte sees a castle (or a windmill, same difference)

Now on the other side of the wall, it’s Jon’s turn to educate Ygritte about the ways of the land.  After mistaking a windmill for a castle, he know he’s got a long road in front of him.  He tells her about Westeros girls, how they swoon and wear silk dresses.  And of course, how he wants to see her in a pretty silk dress (so he can rip it off).  Ygritte replies, “You rip my pretty silk dress, I’ll blacken your eye.”


#5 Dany’s Throne

Could it be anymore perfect?

#4 Girl Power

Dany proves that she’s a force to be reckoned with.  To expand her title as “The Breaker of Chains,” she has set her eyes on Yunkai, the home of 200,000 slaves.  Yunkai offers her a chest full of gold and a fleet of ships to leave their city alone.  Dany counters that she will spare his life if his city releases every single slave.  “Reject this gift and I shall show you no mercy,” she says cooly.  Then she keeps the gold as the dragons force him to leave.


#3 Jaime saves Brienne

Revealing our title “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” Brienne is thrown into a pit with a bear and a wooden sword to protect herself.  Jaime returns from his release to save her.  He jumps into the pit completely unarmed in order to force Bolton’s men into helping.  He refuses to come out until Brienne is pulled up safely.  Then he scrambles up with the help of Brienne.  It was very heroic.


#2 The Bear


#1 Robb’s Bum

I would post a picture, but this is a family friendly blog. 😉



History Lesson – Game of Thrones Edition


History of “The Bear and The Maiden Fair”

The thing that I love most about Game of Thrones is the creativity that the writers and directors employ to pay tribute to the phenomenal series by George R. R. Martin, on which it is based. In the latest episode – Walk of Punishment – we learned one of the traditional songs of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms, “The Bear and The Maiden Fair”. The song was introduced in two clever ways. First, it was being sung by the men holding Brienne and Jaime as they travel North on horseback. The second time we heard it, it came blaring through our television speakers in the seconds following the shocking moment when Jaime Lannister loses his right hand. The contrast from the shocking screams of Jaime to the modern rock rendition of the song by The Hold Steady was superb, and provided the perfect backdrop for everyone left reeling from the shocking end!

So, for anyone who doesn’t read the series and doesn’t quite understand why this song is so important, here’s a little history:

    What is it?

A traditional song sung throughout the Seven Kingdoms. It describes in a humorous tone the story of a hairy bear that rescues a maiden (who was hoping for a knight) while attending a fair.

    Who sings it?

It’s enjoyed by both the nobles and commoners of Westeros.

    Why is it important?

It symbolizes the relationships of some of our more major characters throughout the story of “A Song of Fire and Ice.” In particular, it seems to symbolize the relationships between Sansa and The Hound, Ser Jorah and Daenerys, and Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister.

It is particularly representative of Jorah and Dany, as the sigil of House Mormont is a bear and the fair skin and hair of the maiden is signature to House Targaryen.

It strongly represents Sansa’s desires for a strong knight in Season 1, like King Joffrey or Ser Loras. But when the False King Joff proves to be a monster, her rescue comes from the bear-like Sandor Clegane.

It is also humorously representative of the relationship between Brienne and Tarth, but in an effort to not reveal book spoilers, I will not elaborate!

    What are the lyrics?

“A bear there was, A bear, A BEAR! All black and brown, And covered with hair!”
“Oh come they said, Oh come to the fair! The fair? said he, But I’m a bear!”
“All black and brown, And covered in hair! And down the road,”
“From here to there, From here! To there!”
“Three boys, a goat, And a dancing bear! They danced and spun, All the way to the fair!”
“Oh! sweet she was, And pure and fair, The maid with honey, In her hair! Her hair,”
“The maid with honey, in her hair! The bear smelled the scent, On the summer air!”

“The Bear! The Bear! All black and brown, And covered with hair!”
“He smelled the scent, On the summer air, He sniffed and roared, And smelled it there!”
“Honey on the summer air! Oh I’m a maid, And I’m pure and fair, I’ll never dance,”
“With a hairy bear, A bear! A bear! I’ll never dance, With a hairy bear!”
“The bear, the bear! Lifted her high, into the air! The bear, the bear!”
“I called for a knight! But you’re a bear!”

“A bear! A bear, All black and brown, And cover in hair!”
“She kicked and wailed, The maid so fair, But he licked the honey, From her hair!”
“Her hair! Her hair! He licked the honey, From her hair!”
“Then she sighed and squealed, And kicked the air, She sang: My bear so fair,”
“And off they went, The bear! The bear! And the maiden fair!”

    Where can I hear it?