Happy Mother’s Day to our Favorite TV Mom’s!

Happy Mother’s Day!

We here at RPW hope that all the Mom’s in the world had a very special Mother’s Day. We decided we don’t want it to end. We want to celebrate the Day After Mother’s Day by highlighting our favorite TV Mom’s. Since we all love a good list, here’s our top three favorites. 

1. Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons

dany dragons

So Daenerys Targaryen isn’t your typical mom. Her, uhh, children aren’t what you would expect. In Season 1 of Game of Thrones, Dany was given three ancient petrified dragon eggs, each of which was supposed to worth a small fortune. Dany grew connected to her eggs and quickly developed an attachment. After the tragic loss of her husband and son, Khal Drogo and Rhaego, Dany realized there was more to the eggs than meets the eye. So, she lit a pyre to burn alive the woman who killed her family. She placed the eggs on top of the pyre and after it was ablaze, she walked into the flames. The next day, with nothing but ash and embers left smoldering around her, Dany arose wearing nothing but three baby dragons.

Boy, the Mother of Dragons is one hot mama.


2. Claire Dunphy, Mother of Haley, Alex, and Luke Dunphy


What’s not to love about Claire Dunphy? Okay, so she may be a little overbearing, obsessive compulsive, and whacky, but hey, she’s not our mom right?! But seriously, Claire is hilarious on ABC’s Modern Family and she serves as the rock and foundation of the Dunphy family. Plus, she’s definitely not as perfect or wholesome as she tries to make her kids think. Claire has issues with her family, and hasn’t held a steady job in over a decade. But, she has plenty of her own accomplishments. She gave the world Alex, Luke and Haley, she can flip a mean house, and she always knows exactly what to get from the men around her. She could definitely teach me a thing or two 😉


3. Angela Martin, Mother of Philip Schrute

The Office

Angela is the proud mom of Philip Schrute, which we found out in last week’s episode of The Office. We had been led to believe that Philip was fathered by the Senator, aka Angela’s closet-gay State Senator husband. But, it turns out that Philip was the result of an affair between Angela and Dwight. Angela has been through the ringer with Philip so far as she has been kicked out of her home and her apartment and has since relocated to Oscar’s apartment. But now Angela and Philip are headed to the altar and then Schrute Farms.

The other reason Angela made this list is because she is a dedicated mother to four-legged animals, specifically cats. Angela has had cats in her house, and her desk drawers, for nine seasons. And she has proven time and time again that she will do whatever it takes to take care of her “babies.”


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Michael Scott Thought of the Day


Who doesn’t love a great countdown?

In honor of the impending series finale of The Office, RPW is counting down to the final day of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company with seven of Michael Scott’s most outlandish and outrageous thoughts. We’ve decided to call it the Michael Scott Thought of the Day [original, we know].

We hope you enjoy our way of paying homage to the beloved sitcom,
and be sure to tune in next Thursday at 9pm on NBC. 

Michael Scott Thought of the Day #7

Michael Scott on Racism 


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John Krasinski, Jimmy Fallon Lip-Sync Off


In honor of the final two episodes of The Office, which air tonight and next week at 9pm on NBC, John Krasinski stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. Their interview game is almost too funny for words — John Krasinski challenged Jimmy Fallon to a Lip-Sync Battle, 8-Mile style.  Each contestant got to choose three of their own songs, and try to out perform the other.  What went down next is lip-syncing history…

RPW’s Winner = John Krasinski

His renditions of Katy Perry and Boys II Men remind us why Pam is the luckiest girl in the world.  You can make love to us whenever you want, Jim 😉

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NBC Extends “The Office” Series Finale



Fans of The Office, there’s still a reason to smile.

After a nine year run on NBC, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company is closing its door to the cameras. And we know hearts are breaking as we prepare to say good bye to everyone’s favorite Scrantonites (at least, ours definitely is). But NBC just announced a little treat for the fans… the series finale will be 15 minutes longer; it will now run from 9-10:15pm (it was originally scheduled 9-10pm).  YES!


Why add the extra fifteen minutes?  The writers and producers have decided to give us the best treat of all…a group sing-a-long.  Want to know what it is? Be sure to tune in to the series finale on May 16th at 9pm on NBC to find out! (Hint: It has something to do with this)

The Office - Season 9